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From October 24, 2015 to November 8, 2015, the activity of "solid wood cabinet, guante not expensive, Zhuhai guante 8th Anniversary store celebration freezing point feedback" officially began

from October 24, 2015 to November 8, 2015, the activity of "solid wood good cabinet, guante inexpensive, Zhuhai guante 8th Anniversary store celebration freezing point feedback" officially began, "Whether it's the discount of the product itself, or the value of prizes and gifts, it can be called the big stroke of Juhui in the whole city in history. It can more humanize and maximize the feedback of luxury gifts to consumers, so that consumers can more intuitively and truly feel the one-stop shopping experience of saving money, excellent products and Juhui.

activity time: October 24, 2015 - November 8, 2015

location: guante store in Zhuhai

activity content:

Surprise 1: "crown" is polite and draws red envelopes when entering the store

during the activity, all customers who enter the store to see products and scan the QR code of crown can draw a cash red envelope and a super gift bag worth 500 yuan of crown)

surprise 2: factory direct supply price Kolar, snow white, solid wood shutter belly board door wardrobe limited quantity rush purchase

Kolar buy the door to send the cabinet original price: 1960 yuan/m2: direct supply price: 760 yuan/m2 (limited to the top 10 owners only)

Snow White buys the door and gives away the cabinet original price: 2660 yuan/m2 rush purchase price: 1380 yuan/m2 (limited to the top 20 owners only)

buy the door and give away the cabinet (solid wood particle board) original price: 3980 yuan/m2 rush purchase price: 1980 yuan/m2

surprise 3: solid wood cabinet plate price, solid wood cabinet gun rush

good clothes and cabinets are not expensive New product recommendation, multi-layer solid wood board cabinet, limited grabbing guns during the event: the plate price of solid wood cabinet, the original price of 1680 yuan/square (projection), in advance of the double 11, the factory unified price: 890 yuan/square, as low as 50% discount (30 households in the city)

surprise 4: there is no limit to the discount of Ode to joy in the store

during the event, all solid wood regular price products in the store are 7.5% off, and panel products are 6.8% off

surprise 5: the value of the deposit is unlimited (early ordering is more cost-effective)

from the day when the deposit is 1000 yuan, the daily value is increased by 30 yuan

surprise 6: buy a wardrobe and send a shoe cabinet

during the event! If you buy any cabinet with a total projected area of 13m2 or more, plus 198 yuan, you will get a 1.2x0.9m standard shoe cabinet! Each household is limited to one

surprise 7: pay the full draw grand prize to win a good gift

first prize: an IPD

second prize: brand ironing machine

third prize: brand hair dryer

Fourth prize: Golden dragon fish soybean oil

fifth prize: Golden Rice




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