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The bathroom, which is hidden in the corner of the home, not only has no advantage in location, but also is the smallest space. However, after modern style decoration design, it will create a beautiful world. The following are some bathroom decoration renderings collected by Xiaobian of Wuhan home decoration network

this is a Mediterranean style bathroom decoration effect drawing. The light blue striped ceiling design makes the bathroom space fresh and rich, and the light blue tile decoration on the wall creates a rich bathroom space atmosphere through the angle of tile pasting. There are also iron mirror decoration and metal faucet design, which make this bathroom decoration effect drawing very elegant and unique, The blue mosaic design creates a space partition and a washstand design, which brings colorful spatial effects to the toilet drama u effect

the blue sky and white clouds make the bathroom decoration effect drawing very refreshing and pleasant, as if it was designed on the prairie. Moreover, the hand-painted wall on the wall has a very annoying and rich sense of hierarchy. The dark green toilet background wall design also brings the freshest spatial flavor to the bathroom decoration effect drawing

the grass green wall decoration reminds people of sweet and sour apples and fresh prairie scenery. This bathroom decoration effect drawing is to design the wall as a whole into green, and then decorate it with white decoration, so that the bathroom decoration effect drawing is very refreshing. The sweet picture on the carpet and the decorative picture design on the background wall bring the artistic temperament and beautiful scenery of the bathroom dramatic effect drawing

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