Shuian Xingcheng 160000 clothes, 120 square meters

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This case is the neoclassical decoration effect drawing of Shuian Xingcheng, with a decoration area of 120 square meters and a total decoration cost of 160000. Now let's enjoy this set of exquisite decoration cases with the camera of Xiaobian

decoration owner files:

decoration owner community: Shuian Xingcheng decoration area: 120 square meters decoration house type: 3 rooms and 2 halls decoration company: participating in decoration bidding recommendation company (decoration bidding) decoration style: Neoclassical style decoration cost: 160000

design concept: in color matching, light and dark alternate, the sense of hierarchy is very obvious, the interior is mostly white and dark red, the use of materials is very exquisite, and the carving of small details is not abandoned, The overall feeling is full of texture

the most sedate temperament in the living room is the sofa background wall. If the whole wall is dark, there is nothing brilliant on it. The key is that the colors of the decorative paintings on it match very well, which is similar to the color of the sofa and has a lot of artistic flavor

there are large French windows next to the restaurant, so you can watch the scenery outside from time to time, which is quite good

this is our master bedroom, with a very simple design. The rest space doesn't need to be too gorgeous. As long as there is a quiet atmosphere, it's good. On the other hand, my favorite in this bedroom is the large French window




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