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China has developed and implemented water-based coatings for decades, and its performance indicators have been on an equal footing with traditional oil-based coatings. Even so, China has developed and implemented water-based coatings for decades, and its performance indicators have been on an equal footing with traditional oil-based coatings. Even so, the market share of water-based wood coatings, which represents the best level of implementation and application of water-based coatings, is still very low. According to the data, the water-based coating of Jiuzheng building materials network is becoming the direction of coating development in the future because of its environmental protection characteristics. However, in China, in addition to being limited by the lack of policy support, it is also difficult to achieve "Popularization" in quotation and application, which restricts its application and implementation

first, price. The core technology of water-based coatings is the production and application of upstream water-based resins. However, at that time, compared with foreign water-based resins, domestic water-based resins were still unstable in terms of hardness, gloss, adhesion and other performance indicators. Therefore, many coating companies can only use imported water-based resins at high prices to produce water-based coatings without high quotations in order to ensure the quality of end products. The cost can be said to be high. This is a kind of "noble paint" in the toy and furniture industry, which has excess capacity and fierce competition. Most paint companies have no luck. In the construction of shopping malls, many ordinary consumers also put the quotation elements in an important position when choosing coatings for home decoration, usually choosing cheaper solvent based coatings

next is the construction application. As we all know, water-based coatings are very dry and slow to cure under low temperature and high humidity. How to make water-based coatings meet the rapid production rhythm of paint companies all day long has become the second problem restricting the development of water-based coatings. Especially in decoration, many consumers are laymen in choosing paint, and usually follow the opinions of paint workers; However, some coating workers, because they are not familiar with the construction technology of water-based wood coatings, usually refuse to use those water-based coatings that feel strange, and then affect the selection of consumers. Therefore, the paint production company should have a wide construction window, fully simulate the environmental conditions, construction conditions and boring conditions of various production sites in the laboratory as far as possible, provide simple construction and application methods for users, and simplify the application of water-based paint

again, some paint companies have good water-based paint products, which are not publicized by the media, but waiting for the spring breeze of the policy, which is also a major factor to prevent the implementation of water-based paint. Indeed, the healthy development of any emerging industry is inseparable from the useful guidance and policy support of the government. However, in the era of market economy, the control function of the government was changing to the service function. It was necessary for companies to promote good goods by themselves. By guiding consumers' cognition, they were encouraged to use more environmentally friendly goods

if consumers understand the characteristics of water-based coatings, and their quotation is moderate, easy to use, and stable quality, I'm afraid no user will purchase solvent-based coatings that are both harmful to the quotation and uneconomical. In a word, whether the market can sell well or not, we can't rely on the old policy, which is not awesome. The company should consider its own questions, occupy the resin problem, reduce the commodity quotation, improve the service quality, guide consumers' understanding, and let the water-based coating really deepen into the hearts of the common people. This is what the company urgently needs to do

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