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The simplicity and freshness of light colored wood flooring, as well as its versatile characteristics, have made it the mainstream tone of flooring in 2011. With the continuous innovation of technology, a variety of patterns and color stitching have appeared on the light colored floor, allowing our home to show its own personality. Of course, the most important thing in this process is to coordinate the floor color with the overall tone of the home

this summer “ Shallow rules ” Become the main theme of the floor, personality is in charge

when visiting major home shopping malls, it was found that some well-known brands have launched light color flooring. It is reported that the grey system in the light color system is very popular, and the texture of the floor is mainly natural and quiet, which can highlight the fresh and natural flavor of the floor. In addition, paving in the bedroom in midsummer can give people a cool feeling. Among the popular light colored floors in this summer, white and gray are the most popular, and the texture of the floor is mainly natural and quiet. It is paved in the bedroom in midsummer, or simple or fresh, so that the home is filled with a natural and fresh breath. At the same time, based on the pursuit of personalization, some dark floors that are black and combined with scraping and polishing technology are also at the forefront of the trend and are sought after by the young people

due to the continuous development of the flooring industry, the common flooring has been difficult to meet people's needs. At present, many flooring brands have begun to make great efforts in design, and patchwork flooring with various patterns and colors has become the new favorite of decoration consumers nowadays. The demand of personality has increasingly become the mainstream of today's life, and the choice of flooring is no exception. The monotonous floor can also play out personality and create a smart space for you. Many parquet floors are made of natural stone powder as the core material, which is hot pressed with resin glue according to the crisscross of wood grains, and the force between layers is used to restrain each other, so as to improve the stability of the floor

the lighting conditions of the room limit the selection range of floor color

in the process of home design and decoration, the selection of floor color and material is very important. Because the floor is the stage of the whole home design, and the floor occupies the largest area in home life, the color of the floor has become the background and foundation of the whole home design. In addition, the floor design should pay attention to the tone, which is the matching of colors, and also consider the purity and brightness of colors. In addition, when designing the floor, we should also pay attention to the material of the floor. The material of the floor, furniture and wall should be well combined, which can give people a sense of change and a sense of hierarchy

the lighting conditions of the room also limit the selection range of floor color. It is needless to say that rooms with good lighting can be selected at will; For rooms with low floors and insufficient lighting, attention should be paid to the selection of floor materials with high brightness and appropriate color, and the use of darker materials should be avoided as far as possible

in addition, color will affect people's visual effects. Warm colors are expanding colors, and cold colors are shrinking colors. Therefore, the floor of a small room should choose the cool color of dark tone to make people feel the expansion of the area. If you choose warm colored floors with bright colors, the space will appear narrower and increase the sense of depression

four principles for selecting qualified wood flooring

principle 1: look at professional stores. At present, professional stores such as red star Macalline and incredibly home have launched corresponding protection treaties for consumers. If there is no reason to return goods, if the products bought in these stores have quality problems, in addition to seeking compensation from the seller, you can also directly negotiate with the store, which avoids the means of the seller to play disappear, As long as you buy in a professional store, even if the seller is missing, you can also get corresponding compensation from the store

principle 2: there is absolutely nothing wrong with being cautious about selling at a low price. For ultra-low price flooring, you must be sure whether the strong brand flooring is promoting popularity or the inferior flooring is attracting eyeballs. Therefore, it is more reliable to choose the brand flooring that has long existed in the market or the flooring in professional stores

at the same time, generally speaking, brand floors do ultra-low price promotions, which do not make money, or even discount money, so they will not be sold indefinitely for a long time, and it doesn't matter if they have inferior floors, which may deceive consumers by means of promotions every day. Seventy or eighty yuan is the breakeven point of laminate flooring, which is also the reference price

how to protect the wooden floor from injury in summer

many residents who have installed wooden floors in their homes often complain: “ After using for a period of time, the surface of the floor will be black and cannot be wiped off& rdquo; In fact, this problem can be solved by waxing

floor waxing is a routine maintenance method, but many people still don't know how to operate correctly

wood flooring is characterized by wet expansion and dry shrinkage. Insiders believe that the following matters should be paid attention to when using wood flooring in summer:

1 In summer, you should always have ventilation, especially in uninhabited rooms. Rooms that are unoccupied for a long time are most prone to arching and curling, so you must check and ventilate regularly

2. The floor should be kept dry and clean. It is not allowed to mop the floor with a dripping mop, or wipe the floor with alkaline water and soapy water, so as not to damage the gloss of the paint surface. If there is any stain on the board surface, it should be removed in time. If there is any oil stain, it can be wiped with a rag dipped in warm water and a small amount of washing powder. If it is medicine or pigment, it must be removed before the stain does not penetrate into the wooden surface, so as not to damage the floor

3. Avoid wiping the floor with a wet mop every day, and be sure to wring the water dry when wiping the floor. In addition, when there is dust on the floor of a room with wooden floors, try to use a vacuum cleaner to clean it

the popularity of naturalism makes the quiet light colored floor popular. The natural tranquility of the floor highlights the fresh and natural atmosphere. When paved in the room in midsummer, it can give people a cool feeling. The key to this effect lies in the collocation of consumers. We need to give full play to our experience in home decoration to dress up a cool summer home

cleaning methods of light colored wood flooring

nowadays, light colored flooring can well show a fresh home decoration style, which is also very popular now. At that time, light colored housekeeping is quite laborious, so how to clean light colored flooring? Sentai makes a simple move for everyone

stains on light colored floors will be obvious, and it is difficult to deal with the marks left. Therefore, in daily life, you can use a broom, vacuum cleaner, etc. to remove the dust, hair and spider webs on the floor surface, under the furniture and in the corner, especially the porch and gate leading to the outside of the house, because most of the dirt and dust come from here

choose a suitable floor cleaner according to the floor material. Before use, according to the degree of dirt, pour an appropriate amount of floor cleaner into the bucket to dilute, and then mop the floor from the room to the door. If it is a corner or floor seam that is not easy to clean, you can use an old toothbrush to directly dip the floor cleaner to brush the stubborn dirt that is difficult to wash, or you can directly pour the floor cleaner on the vegetable cloth, wipe it, and then rinse it with clean water

do not wipe directly with a wet mop, but use a special cleaner for wooden floors to keep the original warm texture and natural primary color of solid wood floors, and prevent wood dryness and cracking





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