The decoration effect of balcony ceiling is so bea

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Now the balcony is more and more favored by property buyers. In addition to drying clothes, the balcony can be transformed into leisure, study, reception hall, observation deck, planting flowers, laundry and other uses

▲ if it's a terrace, you can hold an umbrella to block the sun, put up tables and chairs and chat with friends and family

▲ connect the balcony with the living room, increase the living area and enhance the lighting

▲ the terrace can be covered with anticorrosive wood, which is closer to nature

▲ make a shrinking rack on the balcony, and you can dry your clothes outside the balcony

▲ put rattan tables on the balcony for making tea and receiving guests

▲ balcony observation platform

▲ in addition to drying clothes, the balcony can have storage, laundry pool, and can also place tables to make tea and eat cakes

▲ the balcony is changed to a restaurant, and the view light is very sufficient. It's a pity that the balcony is only used for drying clothes




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