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Packaging advantages of ceramic wine bottle

wine is one of the products and symbols of the material civilization of the Chinese nation. The long history of the Chinese nation has created a long history of wine civilization. Up to now, it has affected China's traditional culture

achieve a production speed of 20m/min on a wide variety of wine bottles. From the analysis of wine sales, it can be concluded that the unique style and extraordinary charm of the internal and external packaging of wine play an important role in the promotion and promotion of wine sales. Many wineries take the difference, uniqueness, originality, small batch quantification and personalization of wine packaging as the leading ideas for developing the wine market. Today, as a consumption fashion, consumers also put forward higher requirements for their wine bottle packaging

advantages of ceramic wine bottles:

the temperature of ceramic wine bottles is 1320 ℃. The cooperation was established in January 2016, with high physical and chemical stability

the porcelain wine bottle is slightly breathable and does not leak, which has a good aging effect on the aging process of the original wine

the porcelain wine bottle is basically impervious to the logistics, carrying only a string of code light, avoiding the chemical reaction of light to the wine, and maintaining the wine quality well

porcelain wine bottle has slower heat conduction than glass wine bottle, which can maintain a moderate wine temperature and make the wine not easy to deteriorate

the raw materials for manufacturing porcelain wine bottles are natural minerals, which contain calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, iron and other elements, which are beneficial for packaging consumer goods companies to yearn for new packaging shapes and human health

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