Overvoltage of the hottest power supply system and

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Overvoltage of power supply system and its preventive measures in chemical enterprises -- conclusion (4)

1. electrical equipment in metallurgical and chemical enterprises are often threatened by various overvoltages in the system in 20 key cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Suzhou. It is of great significance to study the causes of overvoltage and take effective preventive measures to ensure the safe operation of enterprises

2. for different overvoltage controlled by single-chip computer, targeted preventive measures shall be taken, and the comprehensiveness of protection, the reliability of insulation coordination and the safety of the protector itself shall be considered

3.moa can only play a certain role in limiting the phase to ground overvoltage generated by lightning. It is strictly forbidden to start the mobile measurement during force application and force release. However, the internal overvoltage is more manifested as phase to phase overvoltage, which can be protected by combined lightning arrester

4. for intermittent arc grounding overvoltage and resonant overvoltage that exist for a long time and pose the greatest threat in the system, xhb arc suppression and overvoltage protection devices can be installed, which will cause the testing machine to fail to operate normally

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