Ovim, the most popular Liugong, won the Luban Awar

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Liugong oweim was honored with the "Luban Award" for national high-quality engineering

Liugong oweim was honored with the "Luban Award" for national high-quality engineering

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Wangtiehong, President of China Construction Industry Association, made a wonderful speech. Academician xiaoxuwen, academician hehuawu, academician dinglieyun and other academicians successively gave special lectures on scientific and technological innovation in the construction industry. With his outstanding performance in the construction of the main works of the "500m aperture spherical radio telescope (fast) project" (hereinafter referred to as the "fast project") of China Tianyan, ovim won the Luban Award at this commendation meeting and won back the "little golden man"

the Luban Award for China Construction Engineering was established in 1987. It is awarded every two years. It is the highest honor award for engineering quality in China's construction industry and is known as the Oscar Award in the construction industry. In history, more than 20 engineering projects participated by ovim have won Luban awards. This award also highlights ovim's outstanding contributions and technical achievements in the "fast project"


500m spherical radio telescope fast project is the world's largest single aperture and most sensitive radio telescope with China's independent intellectual property rights. It is a major national scientific project and is expected to continue to maintain the status of world-class equipment in the next 30 years

as the main structure contractor of fast project, ovim provides key technologies such as design, production, construction, management and maintenance of cable structure. Through the research and development of a number of innovative technologies, ovim made the fatigue stress amplitude of the cable break through the maximum limit of 250Mpa in the domestic and foreign standards to reach 500MPa; The cable length accuracy control is improved from centimeter level to millimeter level within ± 1mm, meeting the high accuracy requirement of one ten thousandth of the relative error in the cable manufacturing and installation process; The problems of cable fatigue breaking during fast cable displacement, 29% of the global market in 2012 with high-altitude high precision, and high forming precision were solved; Under the long-span high-altitude operation, the installation accuracy of fast long-span space cable was successfully controlled within the design requirements

based on the technological innovation achievements of the fast project, ovim has successively won the "special prize of science and technology award of China Steel Structure Association" for high temperature control accuracy, "first prize of Beijing Science and Technology Award" and "2017 Guizhou Huangguoshu cup quality project award", laying a solid foundation for winning the Luban Award, the highest award in China's construction industry. Jinan gold testing universal testing machine puncture universal testing machine meets the parameters:

in addition, at this Luban Prize Presentation Ceremony, six projects including Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge, Hunan Aizhai super large suspension bridge, Songyuan Tianhe bridge, Chongqing Caijia Jialing River Bridge, Hejiang Yangtze River Bridge 1, and whether the pointer of the South dial is flexible or not, including the fourth bridge of Beijing Yangtze River, also won the Luban Prize. "Quality comes from specialty, leadership comes from innovation". Ovim will make greater contributions to China's engineering construction

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