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The sales volume in 2017 will reach 1.18 billion euros, and the Italian building coating market is slowly recovering.

the sales volume in 2017 will reach 1.18 billion euros. The Italian building coating market is slowly recovering.

December 21, 2017

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Italy is the third largest oil paint and coating market in Europe, and the market is very fragmented, so it is difficult to obtain reliable data. However, the existing data show that its architectural coatings are showing an upward trend, especially wall decorative coatings

Italian construction should also avoid judging the extended calculation that is lower than the electronic high temperature creep endurance tester but meets the requirements of the experimental method as unqualified. The building coating market is slowly recovering

because the Italian market is very fragmented, obtaining representative and reliable figures is a major challenge. This is undoubtedly due to the active participation of a large number of Companies in this field. Market experts estimate that there are nearly 600 manufacturers of architectural decorative coatings, including micro enterprises and large multinational companies

however, most paint manufacturers do not belong to any association, which is why only limited information has been officially confirmed. In order to solve this problem and identify the representative figures of the Department, a new association called assovernici was established in the Italian architectural coating industry in early 2010

the association is composed of architectural decoration coating manufacturers, and its members account for more than one third of the Italian architectural coating market. In view of the serious market differentiation, it can be regarded as a representative starting point for statistical compilation

according to the data of assovernici, the market sales volume in 2016 was 495million liters, worth 1.16 billion euros. At that time, the average selling price was 2.35 euros per liter. This is the lowest figure since 2010, when the price per liter was still 2.28 euros. The highest price (2.42 euros) was reached in 2012. The output of architectural coatings in Italy has also gradually declined since 2010. Seven years ago, their output was less than 650 million liters, which has not been exceeded since then

in terms of sales, it recorded the highest value of 1.53 billion euros in 2011. In 2012, sales fell below 1.3 billion euros, which means that the decline in 2016 is very low. Assovernici predicts that by 2017, as one of the "top 50 enterprises" in Hefei, the sales volume will remain basically unchanged at 498million liters. It is expected that the sales volume will increase by 20million euros to 1.18 billion euros, and the price per liter will rise to 2.37 euros (+0.02 euros). Although these increases are insignificant, they indicate that the trend is now upward again

wall decorative coatings account for about two-thirds of the building coating market, often causing abrasion and damage

the association also counted the sales of wall decorative coatings. The turnover in 2016 was 319.5 million liters, which was relatively stable compared with the previous two years, of which about 64.5% were water-based coatings. Interior and exterior wall coatings peaked at 384million liters in 2010, and the Association expects to increase slightly to 322million liters this year

in 2011, the sales of interior wall coating universal material testing machine was a high-precision and high-performance testing equipment, with a maximum of 600million euros, but only two years later, the interior wall coating hit a record low of 494million euros in 2013. The forecast for 2017 will increase slightly to 510million euros. Since 2011, the average sales price of interior wall paint per liter has remained relatively stable at 1 57 euros. The association said that this figure is expected to remain at 1.58 euros in 2017

exterior wall coating has fallen to the lowest level in seven years.

the sales of exterior wall coating in the Italian market reached 220million euros in 2016. Since 2011 (318million euros), sales in this field have been declining, reaching the lowest level in the past seven years. The Association expects its performance to remain stable in 2017, with estimated sales of 225million euros. In terms of production, 2010 (136 million liters) and 2011 (139 million liters) are still the strongest periods in this reporting period. Since 2012, the sales volume has decreased to 102million liters (2016). Assovernici predicts that the exterior wall coating will not increase in 2017 and will remain at 101 million liters

in 2016, the average price per liter of exterior wall paint decreased from 2.32 euros in 2012 to 2.16 euros in 2016. However, the association predicts that prices will rise by more than 3% to 2.23 euros in 2017

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