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Pay tribute to the "red force" on the overseas retrograde road

in the face of complex and volatile situations, the majority of Party members and cadres of Zhenhua heavy industry rush ahead in times of crisis, stick to their posts, retrograde overseas, and contribute to the normal operation of global terminals under the COVID-19

travel far before the festival and shoulder heavy responsibilities bravely

although there are all kinds of sudden changes, we still need to complete all work with quality and quantity to ensure the progress of the project

-- Tang Zhenyao Turkish site

on January 12, Tang Zhenyao, an electrical engineer of the Academy of land engineering with eight years of party experience, left for Turkey to participate in the delivery of the two shore bridges at the DPW yarimca wharf. At that time, the COVID-19 had not spread in Turkey, and the on-site work was carried out in an orderly manner. Until February 27, the Turkish government banned Chinese citizens from entering the country, and the electrical supervisor who was supposed to go to the site to be responsible for commissioning could not enter the country. The relevant commissioning work fell to Tang Jianyao and his colleagues

with the continuous spread of the epidemic in the world, engineers from electrical and other supporting parts suppliers are unable to arrive at the site, which will greatly affect the commissioning work on the project site. In the face of sudden changes, Tang Zhenyao immediately adjusted his plan and actively communicated with users, saying that he would continue to carry out various commissioning work under the remote guidance of the supplier to ensure the orderly progress of the project

during the intense handover work, Tang Zhenyao also constantly urged team members to strictly implement the epidemic prevention and control work and strengthen personal protection. With the joint efforts of everyone, the on-site shore bridge equipment has completed the commissioning of the slow running crane, laying the foundation for the timely delivery of the machine

as a Communist Party member, I should set an example and lead the members of the aircraft delivery team to hold their ground and complete the aircraft delivery task as soon as possible

-- Chen Chen, PARs, Australia

Chen Chen (third from the right)

on April 28, a shore bridge at Patrick Fremantle wharf, Australia was successfully delivered to users. The project landed on December 27th, 2019, and the unloading period coincided with Christmas and new year's Day holidays. Chen Chen, as the delivery supervisor, led the team to successfully complete the unloading with the assistance of users and local subcontractors. On the first day of the lunar new year, the 24-hour routine durability test of the equipment began, and Chen Chen organized everyone to complete the test on time

on March 4, the equipment began to undergo a 200 hour durability test. According to the local epidemic prevention requirements, only two people are allowed to stay at the site. Chen Chen, as a party member, set an example and stuck to the site together with the electrical engineer to solve the fault. Finally, the equipment successfully passed the 200 hour durability test, laying a solid foundation for the smooth delivery of the machine

the great "epidemic" shows great righteousness

the truth between small things

this whole trip is the responsibility of an electrician whose indicated value drifts or jumps randomly. If the 220V voltage of the power supply is unstable, it is also the responsibility of a party member

-- Chen Liang's site in the United States

on February 1, the Zhenhua delivery team in Charleston port, South Carolina, was waiting for the arrival of commissioning engineers to carry out the commissioning and delivery of three shore bridges together. Chen Liang, who came from the Academy of land engineering, shouldered the mission as a party member in the next few years, set foot on a flight to the United States and arrived smoothly before the United States blocked the entry channel. After arriving at the scene, Chen Liang timely introduced the domestic epidemic prevention measures to the team members, reminding everyone to pay attention to their own protection and prepare epidemic prevention materials in advance. In this way, Chen Liang stuck to his post with everyone and made every effort to ensure the progress of the project

affected by the epidemic, the commissioning engineers of the accessory suppliers could not be in place in time, which greatly affected the production progress of the project. Chen Liang and his colleagues rose to the difficulty, checked the wiring, detected the limit signal, confirmed that it was correct, energized and stood on the top of the elevator car, manually operated the elevator at a slow speed throughout the whole process, checked whether the track was fastened during the operation, and finally restored the automatic operation mode of the elevator, debugged various functions, and finally passed the test requirements. In the process of reel debugging, Chen Liang and his colleagues found the setting method according to the model of the module board, studied, explored and successfully completed the setting of the module board, and solved the debugging problem

on April 17, three sets of equipment were delivered 13 days in advance. Users and supervisors were satisfied with the state of the machine, which fully affirmed the professionalism and work efficiency of the on-site delivery team

give an order and rush to the scene. This is a Zhenhua person's; It is the belief of a Communist Party member not to forget his mission

-- buzeyu's French project site

on April 18, buzeyu, a member of the Academy of land engineering, and several companions embarked on a journey to Dunkirk port, France. Just after arriving at the site, bu Zeyu put into intense work and completed the restoration of high-voltage power transmission, lifting, trolley and other functions of the two shore bridges in only five days, racing against time for on-site commissioning

on March 16, with the increasing number of confirmed cases in France, the government officially declared a state of war and restricted the entry of people outside the European Union. The "Zhenhua 32" ship carrying two shore bridges in Dunkirk port was about to arrive at the wharf on April 3, but the members of the project team were unable to go because of the closure of France, which completely disrupted the previous work plan, and the project was facing a serious crisis of stagnation. Users urgently hoped that the personnel of the project team could rush to the site to complete the delivery of the shore bridge. For this reason, the user communicated with the French government for many times, and finally the personnel of the French government chartered project team entered the country on April 13. This is the first and only special approval of the company after the closure of the EU countries due to the epidemic. The company attaches great importance to this and has placed high hopes on it many times before leaving

Bu Zeyu and his companions go retrograde, practice their mission with their own actions, and stick to their original intentions

pay attention to prevention and control, and stabilize people

at this moment, it is very important to stabilize people

-- sunborun UK project site

at present, the Liverpool project in the UK is in the delivery stage. Sun Bolun and his team from the land engineering institute go to the dock site every day to carry out electrical commissioning

there are 12 subcontractor workers in the on-site team. With the increasing number of confirmed cases in the UK, the on-site workers began to feel panic. As a party member, sun Bolun knew that the top priority was to stabilize their emotions. Sun Bolun and his colleagues purchased epidemic prevention supplies and sufficient food, made sufficient material reserves, talked more about home habits with the workers after work, and alleviated the panic of the workers with their own experience. In addition, sun Bolun also worked with his colleagues to formulate epidemic prevention measures and emergency plans, urging everyone to wash their hands frequently, wear masks, and take their temperature, which has also become a daily part of on-site work

at present, the on-site team has already overcome the panic, unite as one, and focus all their energy on completing the handover task as soon as possible

"as a party member, I must actively fulfill the obligations of Party members and obey the arrangement of the company."

-- Gu Hongyi's German site

on May 9, the ship "Zhenhua 26" loaded with the last two shore bridges of the CTB wharf project in Hamburg Port, Germany, arrived smoothly. There are five sets of equipment in the project, and the first three shore bridges have been shipped in September 2019. Intense commissioning and delivery work is being carried out on site. In order to ensure that the on-site work was carried out in an orderly manner, Gu Hongyi, a member of the international group, set foot on a plane to Germany during the epidemic

in Hamburg Port, it will be favored by more and more businesses. Gu Hongyi strictly implements the company's epidemic prevention and control measures, further improves the on-site epidemic prevention measures, holds on-site safety meetings every day, counts the use and inventory of epidemic prevention materials every week, purchases and reserves in time, monitors the implementation of epidemic prevention by on-site team members in real time, and urges everyone to wear masks and disinfect on time. In order to ensure safety, reduce the frequency of going out to purchase on site, and maintain a two-point and one-line contact environment of "home and dock" every day. During this period, Gu Hongyi repeatedly conducted psychological counseling for workers, telling them that scientific epidemic prevention measures can largely avoid infection. After a period of communication, their concerns were gradually eliminated, providing a guarantee for the safety of on-site handover work. On May 15, the unloading of the two shore bridges at the CTB wharf of Hamburg Port, Germany, was successfully completed and officially entered the commissioning and delivery stage

"we really feel this sentence 'never have a quiet time, but someone is carrying a load for us'."

-- Wang Yong Australian scene

Wang Yong of Changxing branch is a party member. During the epidemic, his busy figure appeared at the two delivery sites in Melbourne and Sydney. Wang Yong is the deputy manager and production supervisor of the ESD shore bridge project in Melbourne, Australia. At the delivery site in Melbourne, he is mainly responsible for the guidance of the restoration and installation of the removed parts of the shore bridge, and assists the delivery supervisor in implementing the rectification solutions proposed by the on-site users. At the same time, we also used our spare time to do a good job in the logistics support of all personnel on site to escort the handover task

affected by the epidemic, after the company's Sydney railway rail crane project arrived, the members of the project team were unable to get a visa to enter the country. To this end, the company has considered various ways to temporarily transfer personnel from the existing two delivery teams in Melbourne and Perth, Australia, to form a Sydney railway rail crane assault team. Wang Yong volunteered to join the temporary assault team. In order not to affect the delivery progress, he and the delivery supervisor drove 900 kilometers continuously and arrived at the site two days in advance to prepare for the smooth unloading of the rail crane

at present, the Sydney railway rail crane project has successfully completed the ship unloading, and the on-site delivery of the machine is under way. The Melbourne ESD shore bridge project has successfully completed the delivery of the machine on April 27

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