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Sales soared by 50million, just because of a little "trick" in packaging

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core tip: in the food industry, everyone takes food itself as the main research object, and enterprises often spend a large part of their funds on the research and development of new products

[China Packaging News] in the food industry, everyone takes food itself as the main research object, and enterprises often spend a large part of their funds on the research and development of new products

of course, it is very necessary in this regard. After all, in today's serious homogenization, good products that can make consumers feel fresh are the key to win. But today we are not talking about the thing itself, but about the coat of products. Food 5.14 counter Zui large capacity: 108; Those "small actions" in the package that can attract the attention of the product

the color is extremely simple, colorful and miscellaneous

"nowadays, the products on the display shelf are all in different colors, and consumers don't know what products to choose. Especially for people who have no fixed consumption goals, in addition to the price, what can determine the purchase behavior is the attraction of packaging." Zhuyongming, design director of Xiamen Dongchen Vision Culture Communication Co., Ltd., said that with the improvement of people's living standards, exquisite and creative packaging has become an aspect of enterprises' secret competition

nowadays, food packaging is mainly made up of two or three colors, and most of them are unsaturated colors. Several colors penetrate into each other, and then match with eye-catching words or cartoon patterns, which just shows the products intuitively and has no new ideas. Such a design has actually formed visual fatigue for current consumers

therefore, the bold use of color is likely to become the key to make the product stand out from the tight encirclement. For example, the use of monochrome, white is the most common, such as maoduoli suanjiao cake is a typical one, packaged in a white plastic zipper bag, with simple black advertising language, although simple but not tasteless

foreign brands are generally good at packaging with mixed colors. Instead of simply using threeorfour colors, there may be nearly ten, which are intertwined to form a strong visual impact

these two methods are two extremes in the use of color for the future market, one extreme tube and the other extremely miscellaneous. However, compared with those ordinary color combinations in the public, their use can quickly attract the attention of consumers and increase the purchase rate

partial transparency and stereoscopic

sometimes we can see that the main structural parts of the local steel tensile machine on some packaging bags are transparent, which can see the real appearance of the products in the bags, and the transparent parts can be properly matched with the patterns on the packaging to form a 3D stereoscopic effect. The transparent parts are generally the mouth, eyes or body of cartoon patterns. Because such packaging can see the real products, it will add confidence to consumers who want to try to buy, and greatly improve the purchase rate of products

"today's picture technology has made consumers very afraid of clubbing. The pattern is too good-looking, but it is not like the pattern after unpacking, which reduces product satisfaction and affects the repeated purchase rate of products." Shen Jianwei, general manager of Xiyangyang Xipu in Jianjiang Haining, said

a sentence often appears on the packaging: "the product is subject to the physical object". Some businesses will take advantage of the loophole of this sentence to do business to deceive consumers, especially the products packaged in vacuum can neither be seen nor touched. If this form is used, will it become a new breakthrough. And the fun of packaging is also different from other forms of packaging. The three-dimensional personalized characteristics can also become a small skill to attract children's attention

original modeling and packaging

"nowadays, green health has become a standard that people pay more attention to when choosing products. In recent years, in addition to emphasizing low sugar, low fat and low calorie products, enterprises also pay attention to using some original modeling or packaging on outer packaging." Du Guoxian, general manager of Chengdu SANKE Industrial Co., Ltd., said. Such products are generally used in crops. The formulation of energy and environmental development strategies, such as eggs, rice, etc

for snack food categories such as candy, honey, jelly, cakes, etc., such packaging can also be used to improve the visual effect. The shape of raw materials can be used for packaging modeling, and the pictures of raw materials can also be directly used on packaging. It not only has visual impact, which is different from other similar products, but also can convey fresh and healthy product selling points to consumers

packaging is a key point that food enterprises must not ignore

many consumers will feel that imported food seems to be much higher than domestic products. Is it just because of the product quality itself? No

many people haven't eaten so many products, but they think it's good, mostly because of the packaging of products. They have to admit that the packaging of foreign products is indeed more exquisite. At the same time, it also reminds domestic enterprises that the national policy is open, and there are more and more imported food. While paying attention to products, enterprises should also improve the packaging of products, and make more creative, artistic Attractive packaging can increase its competitiveness

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