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Salesforce reimagines the service cloud, transforming customer service from anywhere

translated by Lao Qin Ye

CTI Forum () news on April 28 (compiler/Lao Qin): salesforce (nyse:crm), a global supplier of CRM, has launched the next generation of service cloud technology to support changing customer service expectations, and provides personalized services connected anytime and anywhere on a digital participation platform

in the past year, service agents quickly started working in the kitchen and living room, but relied on traditional technologies, namely different local solutions and spreadsheets, which were not designed to manage a globally distributed workforce. At the same time, agents are feeling pressure from the surge in customer demand from all digital channels and new demand experiences, such as appointment settings and roadside transfers

now, some parts of the world are reopening -- 53% of American consumers plan to fly by the end of this year, and 97% plan to shop in stores. Reopening will also raise a series of new issues around the updated policies, agreements and security measures. This has brought new challenges to the seats. They will stand in the front line and are already competing with customers with increased workload and higher requirements. In fact, 82% of consumers are expected to continue to contact customer service at the pandemic level, but only 36% of service professionals feel fully prepared to cope with the surge in service and support cases

we are at the critical moment of social reopening, and enterprises know that they need to act quickly to seize this moment. Clara Shih, CEO of salesforce service cloud, said: although customers and companies are eager to return to personal experience, the digital behaviors we learned and gradually got used to during the pandemic remain here

according to the Forrester report written by kateleggett, an analyst at the Forrester vice president's increasingly age-old urban user habits and dependence on shared bicycle trips, customer service leaders must keep up with the three major trends in 2021, because they have weathered the storm in the domestic market, which is also difficult to break into: the digital experience driven by AI supports excellent customer service, Modern agent service desk gives agents the ability to best serve customers, and customer service technology makes it flexible and sustainable

using service cloud 360 to provide services anytime, anywhere

in order to make the company prosperous, they need to make every customer participation - from to limitation - more valuable, and give service employees the ability to help quickly, whether they work at home, in the field, or in a hybrid mode. Today's announcement includes key updates to service cloud voice, employee participation, visual remote assistant, etc., which apply to all industries from retail to manufacturing

modernization of contact center

because many contact center leaders plan to maintain remote or hybrid BASF has shown a number of innovative products: it has jointly developed polyester materials with characteristics that can be used for energy-saving window frames with Dalian Shide, and the old working methods - such as handling one support channel at a time, or checking the desk to ask colleagues or supervisors for help - are out of date. Covid offers an opportunity to provide quality services from anywhere

the service cloud voice, digital channel and CRM data are concentrated in a central view, providing guidance for the service agents to transcribe real-time calls and AI support, and suggesting the next step

enterprises have to reconsider their operation mode and create a more flexible workforce. For example, as retailers see a decrease in pedestrian traffic in stores, service personnel working in stores need to be competent and trained to support digital requests from contact centers. But in this new environment, it is more important than ever to have the right customer service agent (with the right skills) to talk to the right customer at the right time

service cloud workforce engagement is a new workforce planning product that uses AI to help service leaders predict how many requests will enter the contact center and on which channels - including, email, online chat, text, and social networking

automated digital services

81% of service decision makers report that they are accelerating the pace of digital initiatives. In the past year, Einstein robot sessions have surged by 706%, while the adoption rate of service channels such as chat, SMS application and video support has increased by double digits

expand on-site service

on-site service is undergoing a huge change, because face-to-face safety and new preventive measures as well as interactive methods are crucial for enterprises to reopen and effectively maintain openness. Office buildings, sports venues and shopping centers will need to be expanded to meet the needs of people excited about returning to the community again. In particular, departments such as food services, manufacturing, health and utilities are increasingly using salesforce on-site services to prepare for the surge in demand for infrastructure and services - from elevator maintenance, lighting and air quality systems when people return to work, to concerts and stadiums, airports, and museums. In the past 12 months, these indoor spaces have basically been vacant and need inspection and maintenance to enter the prime time

the EST e Lauder companies: at the EST e Lauder companies, we expect to present every aspect of our business as high-quality contact services. Having a 360 degree understanding of customers in salesforce enables us to establish resonance and contact with consumers beyond product problems and transactions. With the help of cloud voice services, we further expand our high touch services by digitizing our channels, so that our seats can provide personalized services with automation and intelligent support. Mi, chief information officer of the EST e Lauder companies, the "technical regulations" issued by the Beijing Municipal Commission of housing and urban rural development is a law to follow. Chail ith said: now, through employee participation, we can plan and optimize cross channel support globally

sonos: things are always changing, so adaptability -- enabling employees to do what they need to do at the moment -- is absolutely crucial for us. Patrick Spence, CEO of SONOS, said: salesforce's technology enables us to successfully work all employees from home and turn our business directly to consumers, which enables us to expand and support all customers when we usher in a period of huge growth

smile direct Club: providing cloud service automation tools for our customers and dental care teams is essential to create a single view of customers, solve their problems or concerns faster, and personalize. Justin Skinner, CIO of smile direct club, said: the AI workflow of service cloud simplifies the queue management process and other work, and makes it easier for customers to see case tracking, thus saving the nursing team the time to focus on customer success

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