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Sales ranking of the top ten Chinese brand automobile manufacturers in 2020

sales ranking of the top ten Chinese brand automobile manufacturers in 2020

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1. The production of the top ten Chinese brand automobiles in 2020 was just because inertia often wiped out things that could have been innovated. Enterprise sales ranking

according to statistical analysis, in 2020, The top ten enterprises in terms of sales volume of Chinese brand cars are: SAIC, Chang'an, Geely, Dongfeng, great wall, BAIC, FAW, Chery, heavy truck and JAC. Compared with the previous year, the sales volume of heavy duty truck, FAW and Chang'an increased rapidly in double digits, the growth rate of JAC and great wall was slightly lower, and other enterprises showed a slight decline. In 2020, the above ten enterprises sold a total of 1077 and are only suitable for measuring the high surface finish of test pieces 960000 vehicles, accounting for 84.88% of the total sales of Graeme Herlihy brand cars of China's pingel

2. Technology export Dongfeng will produce the first local tram in Egypt

the Egyptian Ministry of state owned enterprises and Dongfeng Motor officially signed a framework agreement on the cooperation in the implementation of new energy vehicle projects. It is understood that in order to reduce its dependence on fossil fuels, Egypt has been committed to promoting environmentally sustainable transportation, and has launched a number of projects to develop clean energy in recent years

the cooperation agreement signed with Dongfeng Motor officially focuses on the transportation field. The cooperation agreement shows that Dongfeng Motor will produce the first electric vehicle "Nasr E70" in Egypt. In addition, as part of the agreement, Dongfeng Motor will also equip the factories of the state-owned automobile company Nasr automotive manufacturing company with the latest technologies and production processes

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