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In order to improve the efficiency and order making rate of the sales team and strengthen the internal product sample information marketing management, the road machinery division of Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group (hereinafter referred to as XCMG) took the lead in deploying the sample product information marketing management system after looking for a variety of different solutions. The cooperation between the two sides also provides a high industry reference value for the manufacturing field

product information marketing has not been brought into full play

XCMG's enterprise information construction is well-known in the industry, and has deployed many industry advanced management solutions, providing strong technical support for its vision of "realizing industry 4.0 internally and providing industry 4.0 services externally". But at the same time, there are still many problems and pain points in the sales and marketing team of the road machinery division of Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group

first of all, the traditional paper samples are inconvenient to carry. Although the products displayed through pad are relatively portable, there is also the problem that the documents are too scattered, and the display effect cannot be guaranteed. In the product selection stage of the special sales process, facing the relatively complex needs of customers, it is difficult for salespeople to quickly generate personalized solutions and complex configuration functions, resulting in an extreme increase in sales time and manpower for a single customer

secondly, as a leading large-scale manufacturing enterprise in China, XCMG group has a large and rich product line of Pang four ball friction and wear testing machine and wear spot measurement system, and sales personnel are all over the country, which also leads to the failure of unified management and real-time sharing of internal product information and other marketing content, and there are many problems such as scattered storage, low flexibility of query, online and offline synchronization. At the same time, in the internal training, due to the inconsistency of product information and the limited way of product information display, the internal training efficiency of XCMG group is relatively low, and it is difficult to summarize and share excellent sales experience

in addition, the projects faced by XCMG group are generally characterized by long cycle and complex process. Therefore, the sales team needs to grasp the sales status more accurately and provide data support for the front sales staff in order to better promote the sales effect

fully deploy the sample link to improve marketing efficiency

after deploying the sample link, XCMG group made interactive samples through 3D to digitize and move the original paper-based product information of the enterprise, manage it uniformly, and display products to customers in a more attractive way. In the sales process, sample link assists XCMG's sales staff to quickly complete product screening and combination schemes on the mobile terminal, send them to customers flexibly and conveniently, and keep abreast of the progress of customers' internal processes at any time

for internal management, the sales director classifies and sorts out the eleven series of road machinery products of XCMG group through the sample link, so that the salesperson across the country can obtain the latest content version and notice at any time, and quickly query the content required by customers and display or transmit it. After the original complicated product information was integrated and classified, XCMG will combine the modified protein into solution pellets, which can also greatly improve the efficiency of sales training and shorten the time cost of training

in addition, the data statistics function of sample link can comprehensively analyze the data generated by customers on product information, track customer behavior in an all-round way, collect feedback, and help XCMG's sales management develop product marketing strategies based on the results

deepen cooperation, embed marketing management and give full play to product information. Excellent nylon material is a kind of semi crystalline thermoplastic with high physical and mechanical properties.

according to Mr. Ping Tao of Beijing Marketing Center of XCMG road machinery business department, the sample communication system is stable, simple to operate, and fully functional. After deploying the sample communication, the frequency of viewing product information content by salespersons and customers has increased significantly, The customer's bid winning rate and the customer's behavior of actively sharing recommended products in their own circles have increased significantly. At present, it has included the behavior data of salesperson's use of product information obtained through sample communication into the daily assessment indicators

in view of the excellent use experience of sample link, Mr. Ma Changliang of XCMG Road Marketing Company also said, "sample link has helped us reduce the market budget by 22%. At present, we are ready to consider adding the enterprise profile to the version of sample link, so that salespeople can share and view information anytime, anywhere."

enterprise profile:

sampletone is a product information marketing management system developed by ivymobi, which can be deployed across multiple devices, such as, pads, computers and so on. Starting from the management, display, dissemination, statistics and production of product information, it makes the product introduction more intuitive, product marketing more efficient and product sales easier. In the field of productinformationmanagement (PIM), sampletone is a software technology platform independently developed in China. It is a SaaS solution focusing on interactive electronic sample production and product information management for marketing management

ivymobi was founded in 2013. As the current domestic leader in this field, its sample link has been widely used and highly recognized in the market. Its customers include Schneider, abb, Toshiba, Mitsubishi, Corning, Mazak and other world top 500 enterprises

Founded in March, 1989, XCMG group has always maintained the leading position in China's construction machinery industry for 25 years. At present, XCMG group ranks fifth in the world's construction machinery industry, 150th in China's top 500 enterprises, and 55th in China's top 500 manufacturing industries. It is the first category in China's construction machinery industry with the largest scale, the most complete product varieties and series, the most competitive and influential. It is mainly used in large enterprise groups of precision laboratory machines

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