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Notice on the solicitation of papers for the international academic conference of SAMPE China 2020 conference:

all relevant units:

the 15th SAMPE China Annual Conference will be held in Beijing from June 3 to 5, 2020. The theme of this annual meeting is "advanced composite materials, leading the innovative development of green industry". The three-day international academic conference and exhibition will focus on the theme before use to exchange and discuss the application status and opportunities of advanced composite materials' structural design, stable preparation of raw materials, tooling design, process manufacturing, quality management, large-scale production, low-cost technology, testing and characterization, processing and assembly, engineering application, sustainable development and other related technologies and products, as well as international development trends. Thus, advanced composite materials will be promoted to serve the innovative development of lighter, stronger, more energy-saving and more environmentally friendly green industries

as the largest activity of the international society for advanced materials and manufacturing engineering (SAMPE) in Asia, SAMPE China annual meeting has become a brand international activity that leads China's technological upgrading in the field of cutting-edge manufacturing, product upgrading, promotes the engineering application of advanced composite materials, and promotes cooperation and exchange among production, learning, research, and application. In May 2019, the 14th SAMPE China Annual Conference was successfully held in Beijing. The event integrates exhibitions, international academic conferences, student competitions, carbon fiber DIY industrial competitions, and technical training. Among them, the international academic conference invited 6 experts from Germany, France, Japan and China to make special reports, 27 theme sub venues, 3 English venues, and 223 technical papers were published in 3 days. "High tech fibers and Applications" and "fiber composites" are special issues published at the annual meeting. Nearly 900 delegates from 19 countries and regions including China, the United States, Russia, Germany, France, Britain, Austria, Italy, Ukraine, Belgium, Turkey, the Netherlands, Macedonia, Japan, South Korea, India, Pakistan, Singapore and Taiwan, China attended the meeting

warmly invite enterprises and institutions, scientific research institutions, experts and scholars in the same industry to contribute and participate in the conference, report the latest scientific and technological achievements, products and services, and jointly create a platform for international high-performance composite technology exchange and industrial cooperation, serving China's higher and stronger cutting-edge technology manufacturing industry! The notice of soliciting papers for the academic conference is as follows:

I Conference organization


SAMPE Chinese Mainland Federation AVIC composites Co., Ltd.

China Chemical Fiber Industry Association China Aeronautical Society materials engineering branch

Key Laboratory of advanced composites structural carbon fiber composites National Engineering Laboratory

co organizer:

SAMPE North America SAMPE Europe

SAMPE Japan SAMPE South Korea

SAMPE Brazil SAMPE Taiwan

SAMPE Malaysia What are the components of the China Aerospace complex pressure testing machine of the West Asia branch and how to reduce the error of its testing machine? Materials (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd.

support unit:

China commercial aircraft Co., Ltd. China Aerospace Manufacturing Technology Research Institute


Tianjin laitwood Exhibition Co., Ltd.

II. Theme range of the conference:

carbon fiber and other high-performance fiber materials and preparation technologies, Matrix material and processing modification technology, high-performance sandwich material, interface, bonding technology, etc

structure function integration, intelligent composites, including: nanocomposites, thermoplastic composites, thermosetting composites, ceramic matrix composites, carbon carbon composites, metal matrix composites, textile composites, green composites, etc

advanced low-cost composite preparation technology, tooling design and preparation technology, rapid prototyping technology, automatic production, large-scale production, non autoclave technology, etc

advanced composite structure design, calculation and analysis, simulation and simulation

structural performance testing, detection, characterization and data technology

advanced composite connection and assembly technology

applications of advanced composite materials in aerospace, engines, UAVs, ships, marine engineering, green energy, safety protection, medical treatment, pressure vessels, cable cores, household appliances, rail transit, automobiles, infrastructure and civil engineering and other industrial fields

graphene and its composites

additive manufacturing technology

advanced composite maintenance technology, recycling technology, etc

III. essay requirements:

1. The essay solicitation for the international academic conference of SAMPE China 2020 conference includes the full text of research papers in both Chinese and English. The papers recommended by the evaluation will be orally read out at the conference; Once accepted, the oral report papers of the conference and the papers that are not read out at the conference will be published in the proceedings of the "SAMPE China 2020 International Academic Conference" (in the form of CD-ROM, excellent papers reviewed by experts can be recommended to be published in professional magazines, including high-tech fibers and Applications, fiber composites and Composites Part B). Generally, the research paper (full text) is no more than 6000 words, and the summary is about 8000 words (including charts); The title of the paper is in Chinese and English, the items and notes in the table are in English, the illustrations are in Chinese and English, and the illustrations are in English; There should be a 200 word Chinese abstract before the text, including the background, method and results; The English title, Chinese Pinyin name, English unit name and English abstract are given at the end of the article; Chinese and English keywords are given after the Chinese and English abstracts. Be sure to indicate whether you want an oral report when delivering the manuscript

2. Paper writing specifications

a. the title is in bold type with no more than 20 words, 12 pounds at the beginning of the paragraph and 10 pounds at the end of the paragraph

b. the author imitates Song Dynasty in number four, generally no more than 5

c. the unit is in small five Song typeface, and the full name, provincial and municipal name and postal code should be described

d. Abstract six point Song typeface, 500 words

e. keywords are about 5 in Song typeface, with spaces between nouns

f. the text is in Song typeface five, the first level title in the text is in bold four, 0.5 lines are added before and after the paragraph, the second level title is in bold four, the third level title is in bold five, and the serial number is "1", "1.1", "1.1.1" and the top grid respectively; The title of the table is in Song typeface, with a row above the table; The icon title is in Song typeface with a small number of five. At the bottom of the figure, there is a blank line below; Note to table and figure: small five Song typeface, with a blank line below the table and figure. The text in the chart is in Song typeface 6

g. references No. 6 Song typeface, generally only officially published documents are cited, and the serial numbers of each reference are arranged according to the order mentioned in the text. All references should be mentioned in the text

h. article layout and page setup: Typesetting with word2003 or below, writing through columns. A4 vertical row, page margin: 3.5cm above, 2cm below, 2.5cm left, 2.5cm right; Header 1.5cm, footer 1.75cm; Document grid: fixed lines, 38 lines, 18 lists. The full text is single spaced

3. Please email all contributions to service@ (please indicate "SAMPE China 2020 essay solicitation"). The papers published in the magazine need to pay the layout fee, and the full text of each research paper is 1500 yuan

4. All papers that meet the scope of the theme of the activity and have not been published in official publications or other conferences at home and abroad can be recruited, and the contents of the manuscript should comply with the confidentiality provisions of the state and relevant departments; When quoting the research results of others, the source should be indicated according to the provisions of the copyright law and listed in the references at the end of the article

5. Please provide the contents (name, year of birth, gender, degree, professional title) of the "author's profile" of the manuscript, as well as the detailed mailing address, contact and email

6. The event has a special session for the release of innovative products of enterprises. For the latest material technology, the latest process molding technology, the latest design technology, the latest testing technology, the latest application technology, etc., the report speech time is 20 minutes, and the defense time is 5 minutes. Each speech costs 3000 yuan. The full text of the speech and thesis should be submitted to the Organizing Committee of the conference before April 10

7. Important time:

1) submission time of the abstract of the paper: March 13, 2020

2) deadline for submission of the full text: April 10, 2020

3) publication date of the CD-ROM/magazine special issue: June 2020

8. Organizer of the branch Venue:

warmly invite enterprises, scientific research institutions and universities that are leading in the professional fields of advanced composite materials to host and organize the branch venue during the SAMPE China annual meeting. Please contact us for detailed scheme, otherwise specified

deadline for branch venue application: December 6, 2019

Contact: Gu Yanchao




International Society for advanced materials and manufacturing Engineering (SAMPE) Chinese Mainland Federation

October 2019

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