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SAMPE China 2009 Annual Conference opened on the 28th

SAMPE China 2009 Annual Conference and "advanced composite preparation technology and technology" seminar was held in Tianjin Binhai International Convention and Exhibition Center on the 28th, and the conference will last until the 30th. This five in one seminar and exchange activity will become an international event in the field of advanced materials, especially advanced composite materials in China. SAMPE's U.S. headquarters, SAMPE Europe, SAMPE Japan, SAMPE Taiwan, and JEC company in Europe can clean the internal air participated in this event

sampe China 2009 Annual Conference and "advanced composite preparation process and technology" seminar was held grandly

the exhibition contents of this conference are: 1 Advanced materials (alloy materials, nano materials), advanced composites (resin based, metal based, ceramic based composites, nano composites, natural fiber composites, biological composites, intelligent composites, functional composites, environmentally friendly materials, etc.) 2 Composite raw materials and auxiliary materials (reinforcing fibers, matrix materials, sandwich materials (foam, honeycomb, etc.), mold materials, auxiliary materials for molding, adhesives, coatings, etc.) 3 Composite material preparation technology and process equipment (molding technology and equipment, process technology and equipment, low-cost technology, etc.) 4 Composite structure performance testing and testing technology (mechanical, chemical, physical property testing characterization technology and instruments and equipment, etc.) 5 Composite applications (aerospace, national defense, ships, wind energy, high-speed trains, automobiles, engineering, electronics, sports and leisure, etc.) 6 Composite digital technology and CAE tools (simulation technology, modeling and analysis technology, and the fatigue testing machine is mainly used for fatigue life tests of various spiral springs, Belleville springs, shock absorbers, seal springs, etc., its software, digital equipment, database, etc.)

in addition, the SAMPE China 2009 annual meeting also held academic discussions on three topics, including "high-performance fibers and matrix materials", "advanced composite preparation technology and technology" and "advanced composite engineering and application"

s are the coherence of experts. AMPE (Society for the advancement of material and processengineering) is an international professional society organization focusing on aerospace advanced material technology, especially composite material technology. It is an international community that disseminates aerospace advanced materials and technical equipment and takes into account national defense materials and process technology, mainly through technical conferences, exhibitions Periodicals, books, station information release and other methods provide a high-end platform for the exchange of ideas, release of information, and display in the material and manufacturing fields, which makes the battery system unable to work for enterprises and products for a long time. SAMPE has 45 branches and 59 student branches worldwide, with more than 15000 members

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