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New Year decoration is what many owners want to avoid. After all, due to holidays, workers returning home and other factors, it is necessary to stop work for a period of time in the middle of the year, which is bound to affect many aspects, including decoration design, cost, progress, specific construction quality and so on. However, some time before the Spring Festival is a period of concentrated delivery. Many owners are eager to decorate their houses after they receive them. At this time, they are likely to encounter the problem of cross year decoration. Due to the busy home decoration industry as a whole before the holiday, the construction period was delayed due to various reasons, and the owners are likely to encounter the situation that the decoration was over the new year. Is the New Year decoration really so terrible? In other words, in case of cross year decoration, how should the Owner properly deal with it

◆ there are three difficulties in cross year decoration

near the Spring Festival, decoration workers who work outside will generally return home in advance for the Spring Festival, and decoration companies may also have holidays in advance. At this time, unfinished decoration projects will enter the shutdown stage and resume construction after the Spring Festival (usually after the Lantern Festival on the fifteenth day of the first month). Therefore, the New Year decoration is generally divided into three stages: construction before the new year, suspension during the Spring Festival and resumption after the festival

in order to avoid the decoration of the new year, many owners do not hesitate to wait until after the new year to start construction and postpone the time of entering the new house. They did so not for no reason, but taking into account some adverse factors in the decoration of the new year

first of all, the construction period is too long. Originally, the difficulty of ensuring the construction period is a major problem of decoration, while the construction period of cross year decoration is generally 20 days longer than the normal construction period. Many owners feel that the construction period is too long, causing more expenses in terms of rent and so on. Moreover, during the festival, the construction site is easy to have safety accidents because it is unattended. Therefore, the owner also has to worry about the situation of the site, which is quite laborious

secondly, it is difficult to guarantee the project quality. In winter, the temperature is low, the temperature difference between day and night is large, and the coefficient of thermal expansion and contraction is large during construction, which makes the construction more difficult. At this time, it is difficult to ensure the quality of home decoration project. In addition, as workers have to return home in advance, in order to catch up with the project, the decoration quality will naturally cause concern

in addition, considering the problems of returning home after the holiday, labor shortage, annual adjustment and so on, it is not ruled out that some irregular decoration teams are difficult to return to work after the holiday for various reasons

◆ New Year decoration also has advantages

however, it is understood that many owners have chosen New Year decoration at present. The industry said that more and more consumers accept the New Year decoration because it has incomparable advantages, saving time and money, and ensuring quality. On the contrary, the New Year decoration orders at the end of the year have increased. What's going on

the affordable price is the consensus of many owners. If you choose to decorate in the new year, the decoration company will generally offer discounts to promote orders; At the end of the year, in order to clear the inventory, many building materials will be discounted and promoted. Owners can directly invite a knowledgeable person to the building materials market to help choose the main materials they need, which can save a lot of money

seasonally, winter is the driest season of the year, and the moisture content in the wood is the lowest. At this time, the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor decoration can just test the wood and construction quality. After only one month, potential quality problems, such as cracks and deformation, will be reflected in time. At this time, before painting and handover, the construction personnel can immediately modify or dismantle it, which can ensure the quality of wood decoration for a long time. In addition, in winter, the night is long and the day is short, because the project quantity is small, and there is no need to rush the construction period like the peak season, the project quality will be more refined

of course, taking advantage of the shutdown during the Spring Festival, it can also well release harmful substances (such as formaldehyde, benzene, radiation) in the materials

◆ plan well before the new year

however, even if you choose the New Year decoration, the owner still has many problems to pay attention to. For example, decoration construction is almost manual, especially single projects such as bricklaying, carpentry, lacquering or water and electricity. If they have been started before the festival, it is best to finish them at one go before the holiday, so as to avoid inconsistent construction technology due to changes in construction personnel after the year

specifically, if the wall is in the stage of puttying and painting, it is recommended to finish a space to avoid the chromatic aberration of the wall due to the mixing of putty powder and latex paint when restarting after the festival. In terms of tiling, if you encounter a large area of space, such as the living room floor, kitchen, bathroom and so on, you can choose to paste the main area of the wall or floor of this space first. Even if another worker takes over after the festival, it is not a big problem that there is a little discrepancy in the small area; The tiles that have been pasted should be covered with professional protective film during the shutdown period, and the gap should also be pasted

in addition, if the decoration has just entered the stage of hydropower projects, be sure to close the main water and electricity gates when stopping work, cut off the temporary power supply, and eliminate potential safety hazards; If the work is stopped after the completion of the water and electricity transformation stage, be careful not to lose too much water in the cement of the closed pipe slot due to the dry weather in winter, which will lead to the cracking of the cement. Therefore, sprinkle some water first to moisturize the closed pipe slot

finally, during the decoration process, various main and auxiliary materials will generally enter the site in advance and be stacked on the construction site. In order to avoid unnecessary disputes during the resumption of work after the holiday, it is suggested that the owner should work with the decoration company to count all kinds of materials and tools and list the details clearly before the shutdown, and both parties should make a good handover. Storage methods such as fire prevention, sun protection and deformation prevention should also be paid attention to

◆ pay attention to adjustment after the holiday

before returning to work after the holiday, it is suggested that the owner review the decoration budget again. According to reports, almost all home decoration will eventually have budget overruns. In order to reduce the overruns, the owners had better carefully review the current family financial situation after the year and allocate funds reasonably for the later decoration. Some families may be in financial tension due to Spring Festival expenses or new family conditions. It is more necessary to adjust the decoration budget in time, reduce some unnecessary construction projects or control the grade of materials

after opening the material seal, the owner needs to carefully check the site conditions, such as the use of water, electricity, gas, etc; Whether the doors and windows are intact and whether the finished products are properly protected. Materials that entered the site years ago, especially cement and gypsum powder, are easy to cause caking and solidification when stored in an environment with high air humidity. For example, cement materials have a shelf life, and the structural strength of expired materials is difficult to guarantee. In case of such materials, it is recommended to replace them

in addition, latex and paint materials should be disassembled and inspected. Frozen water-soluble rubber and paint materials must not be used. Therefore, if the stored materials have quality problems, new materials need to be purchased

after a period of shelving, if problems in the decoration project are exposed after the festival, they should also be repaired in time (a contract agreement on relevant matters can be signed before the festival, and a resumption agreement can be signed after the festival)

finally, many new year decoration owners will have new ideas about decoration during the Spring Festival and want to make changes to the decoration design after the new year. However, the substantial change of the overall plan will inevitably lead to the increase or decrease of the original contract, and the decoration cost will also change. The hasty change of the original mature design is also likely to damage the overall effect, and may also cause decoration disputes and unnecessary trouble. Therefore, it is recommended not to make major changes





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