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The repeated cracking of the waterproof coating for the decoration of the new house annoys the owner

Aunt Zhang's son is going to get married in June this year, which was originally a great event. Aunt Zhang said that the new house was ready and the decoration team was contacted, but the good thing was close, but there was a problem. The waterproof made before the year was broken and mended, and mended and cracked, which made her very upset

Aunt Zhang said that she bought this kind of waterproof paint called Hirsch in January this year. At that time, she bought two barrels of 18 kg and 5 kg of environmental protection paint according to the requirements of the construction team of Hirsch company, plus five bags of water, but before the construction work, the workers said that the waterproof materials were not enough. Aunt Zhang thought you were all professional, so she bought another barrel of paint and five bags of water according to the requirements, But the way the workers worked next made her feel quite unreliable

the reporter saw that there were obvious traces of liquid splashing and solidification on the waterproof ground, and the whole ground was uneven. Aunt Zhang said that she didn't feel trapped in the paint, but after the waterproof layer burst one after another, Aunt Zhang realized that there was a problem. And Hirsch company to repair him also made her spend a lot of wronged money

Aunt Zhang said that now there are small cracks in the waterproof layer, and the whole process of the back decoration has been disrupted, which makes her lose a lot. Now she wants Hirsch company to refund money to compensate for her losses, but Aunt Zhang can't find it because she doesn't know where the Shijiazhuang headquarters of Shanghai Hirsch enterprise company is. We had to call the customer service number of Hirsch headquarters in Shijiazhuang

since Aunt Zhang has concerns, let's wait for the call there. A few minutes later, we received a call from manager Zhang of the marketing and Distribution Department of Shanghai Haoshi Industrial Company

manager Zhang told reporters that they could not give Aunt Zhang a refund, but they could compensate Aunt Zhang by giving her a suite or a relatives' home a free waterproof. Aunt Zhang is very tangled about this solution. She needs Hirsch to give her a written commitment

finally, after some communication, manager Zhang promised to return to Shijiazhuang before April 10 and issue a written commitment to Aunt Zhang

then Aunt Zhang received a multimedia message from Zhang Jing

to say that Aunt Zhang, our reporter didn't know what she was worried about. The reporter suggested to go to Haoshi company to have a look. Aunt Zhang said that there was no one there. The reporter suggested to go to the industry and Commerce Department to complain. Aunt Zhang said that the industry and Commerce Department could only let them repair it, which was useless. Here, we also talk to the audience in front of the TV. If you need our help, we will try our best to help you, but the process of helping also needs your cooperation. Now the reporter also told Aunt Zhang that she didn't receive the letter of commitment from manager Zhang after April 10. Let's go to them again




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