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People's requirements for home decoration are not limited to the laying of furniture floors. Energy conservation, lighting, safety and so on have become one of the primary requirements of modern people's decoration. As a very important part of home decoration facade

people's home decoration requirements are now not limited to the laying of furniture floors. Energy saving, lighting, safety and so on have become one of the primary requirements of modern people's decoration. As a very important part of home decoration facade, the deployment of glass and silent doors and windows has gradually been paid attention to

1. Mixing skills of energy-saving glass

door and window glass

because the thermal conductivity of the sealed central air layer is much lower than that of glass, therefore, compared with single glass, the thermal insulation function of hollow glass can be improved twice, and the power consumption of buildings equipped with air conditioning can be greatly reduced. In summer, it can be insulated by more than 70%. In winter, it is not easy to lose indoor heating, and the heat loss can be reduced by up to 40%, so as to achieve the effect of heat preservation, and then turn the cool summer and warm winter into reality

2. Deployment skills of safety precautions

deployment of door and window glass

tempered glass is the safest: if tempered glass is selected on both sides of the room surface, the impact resistance and safety of the glass are greatly improved in the room surface. Because the impact resistance of tempered glass is 5-10 times that of ordinary glass, and its bending resistance is 3-5 times that of ordinary glass, it is safe

3. Allocation of heat absorbing sunscreen glass

first, when opening and closing daily, you must pay attention to opening and pushing gently. If you encounter difficulties in this process, you should check whether the track components are deformed or blocked by some particulate waste in time, and do not use brute force

second, it is best not to hang heavy objects on the doors and windows. If the doors and windows are overloaded for a long time, the rated load-bearing adjustment will loosen the doors and windows; Assuming that the hanging is a sharp weapon, it is very simple to scratch the doors and windows, and even fall, which constitutes a personal safety accident

third, the effect of doors and windows in the home is to isolate or help touch the outside world, so we should clean on time. In the selection of cleaning agents, we should avoid using strong alkaline liquids such as soapy water and washing powder

fourth, do not touch the door lock and other hardware with wet hands to avoid rust and reduce the function of the door lock. When opening the door lock or rolling the door lock handle, don't use too much force. Hinges, door locks, etc. are often moving hardware accessories. In case of

loosening, check immediately and tighten them

v. hinges, sealing strips and other accessories are slightly worn in daily life. You should participate in lubricating oil on time, wipe and wax more, adhere to lubrication, and move smoothly. If the sealing strip and glass glue are used for a long time, they should not be replaced on time, so as to avoid the inductive function of the lower door


VI. when wiping the glass, do not let the lotion or water enter the gap of the glass batten to avoid the deformation of the batten. Don't use too much force when wiping the glass to avoid damage to the glass and personal injury. After the glass is damaged, professional personnel must be invited to repair it

everything will be established in advance, and it will be abandoned if not in advance. The maintenance of sound insulation doors and windows is a detailed and patient work. Only with durable persistence and protection can it better extend its service life

common sense sharing of doors and windows

the door and window glass of the room exposed to the sun or the West should be heat-absorbing coated glass: for the room exposed to the sun or the west, the heat-absorbing coated glass can be selected outside the room, and the general white glass can be selected on the indoor side. Because the heat absorbing glass absorbs infrared light, it can attenuate the incidence of solar energy by 20% - 30%, and then reduce the heat energy entering the room. In summer, it can reduce the load of air conditioning; In winter, because it absorbs infrared light, its temperature rises, and then it can resist the external cold, and it can also achieve energy saving

. Because the heat absorbing glass is colored glass, the decoration effect is also obvious in the energy-saving

the three skills of allocating glass for doors and windows are briefly summarized here. No matter how to select glass, it is considered from the perspective of people-oriented to meet the use needs of home owners. Therefore, doors and windows have different classifications and different prices when installing and purchasing, which are selected from the function. In fact, the decoration effect of glass also plays a very important role in the installation of doors and windows, so the allocation of glass should also be selected from the aesthetic point of view





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