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Liu Fengjiao, who lives in Mawangdui, bought a suite in Wanjiali North Road Yuanmeng perfect life community two years ago and has been empty without decoration. The day before yesterday, after dinner, she drove to the new house on a whim. When she opened the door, she found that all the wires in the house had been stolen

"when I opened the door, there were many white things on the ground." Liu Fengjiao said that when he came closer, it was a wire skin. All the wires buried in the house are missing, and there are many traces of wires pulled out on the wall. "At least 90% of the wires were stolen." The thief was very arrogant. He not only stole the wires, but also skinned the wires outside her house and took the copper wires inside. Liu Fengjiao checked the house carefully and found that the lock of the anti-theft door had not been broken. She suspected that the thief came in through the window, but the window glass was not damaged

Liu Fengjiao called the police and negotiated with the property company. Liufengjiao said that she needed to buy the wires herself, and the property asked someone to install them for free. The hydropower master told Liu Fengjiao, "now all types of wires add up to at least 400 meters of wires."

editor's comments: don't be careless because your house is not decorated and there are no household appliances. What should be prevented is still to be prevented





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