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When decorating, how much money can be spent satisfactorily, and how much money is spent is unclear. It's frustrating to live in a new home, and pay attention to the pitfalls under your feet

when you finally get the key to your new house after a lot of hard work, don't think it will be all right. You must also cheer up, because you still have to face a new challenge - decoration. Some consumers think that their home has been decorated, and they have experienced contract negotiation, material purchase and on-site supervision, so they are knowledgeable; Some people believe that many colleagues, relatives and friends have decorated around them, so it is not difficult to provide experience and spend less money. In fact, there are many decoration traps, which will fall into them if you are not careful

● false or false price is difficult to distinguish

open low and go high

in order to obtain high sales performance, some designers will generally give the owner the initial budget lower than the actual price, or use the way of missing items to reduce the budget. However, in the actual decoration process, the decoration company will ask for an additional budget for various reasons, and consumers will spend a lot of money imperceptibly

paint a snake and add feet

some designers complicate the original simple design in order to get more commissions from the subsequent material costs. For example, where there is no need to hang a lamp, a lamp is added; A circle of ceiling is designed where the ceiling is not required. These superfluous designs not only can not increase the beauty of the room, but will occupy indoor space and increase the decoration budget, making it possible for decoration companies and designers to "generate income"

countermeasures: before decoration, we must sign a detailed contract with the decoration company, not moved by the rhetoric of the decoration company. Then we should see whether the design meets our own requirements, find out the deficiencies in the design scheme according to our own habits, and see whether there are decoration projects that have no practical value. Consumers should adhere to their own design requirements in the design stage. If there are differences with designers in aesthetics and modeling, they must carefully measure them

● building materials should not be shoddy if they are not expensive

if they are not expensive, they should not be shoddy.

some decoration companies try to use products with relatively high prices in materials, and some use new brands in the market, because these products often have high profits. For example, in a decoration design, the designer will use expensive imported stones. In fact, domestic stones of the same design and color are only 1/3 of the price of imported goods, but the designer will repeatedly emphasize that only imported stones can achieve the effect he wants. As a result, consumers spent nearly a thousand yuan more on this item alone


a few building materials manufacturers adopt methods such as shoddy shoddy and short weight on bulk materials such as latex paint, ceramic tiles, plates and wood floors. While some decoration companies are technically tricky, using their own materials to fake famous brand products to obtain high profits. Paint, blockboard, etc. are the easiest to write articles. For example, the contract indicates the use of high-quality brand emulsion paint, but if it is purchased by the decoration company, the construction personnel will put some cheap miscellaneous paint into the old famous brand paint cans, give consumers a symbolic look and start spraying

countermeasures: experts say that now the building materials produced by some large domestic manufacturers have met the quality requirements, and there is no need to pursue overseas imports. After the materials arrive at the construction site, it is best to check the style and quantity in person. Bring the contract and quotation, and invite knowledgeable people or supervisors to the site for acceptance. Monitor the consumption of materials at any time during construction

decoration is a tiring thing. Don't be soft hearted in the process of decoration, and accept the opinions given by the designer without thinking. There is no reward until you pay. The more you invest, the more warm your home will be. Be careful and ask more questions in the process of supervision. Be careful yourself has become the object of designer design




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