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The acceptance of water and electricity for decoration is very necessary, which is related to the safe life in the future. Water and electricity acceptance should be cautious and not sloppy. However, what should be done for the acceptance of decoration water and electricity, and what procedures should be followed for the acceptance

water acceptance process:

1. Pressure test

(1) open the water inlet valve, fill water slowly from the lowest outlet of the pipeline, and tighten the pressure test pump switch after fully discharging the gas in the pipeline

(2) close the main water inlet valve, slowly boost the pressure of the pipeline to the specified test pressure, and then observe whether the joints and plugs are leaking

2. Water pressure relief: after confirming that the pressure test is qualified, connect the pipe end to the water distribution parts, supply water at the working pressure, open the water distribution parts in batches, and test whether the water outlets are unblocked

electricity acceptance process:

1. Inspection: check whether the intercom and emergency call buttons of the house are normal, whether the doorbell is normal, the safety of the safety socket, and the number and safety of the socket of the TV broadband, including the bathroom, kitchen, living room, bedroom, etc

2. Safety of electrical circuit switch box: the electrical circuit is safe and convenient. According to the regulations, the number of circuits in each house should not be less than 5. The switches in the switch box are firmly installed. How can the decoration save money? Home decoration network, free design budget quotation. It can be replaced to check whether there is looseness. Each shunt switch in the switch box shall be clearly marked. If there is no or unclear, it shall be corrected immediately during decoration

3. Electric pen test socket panel: use an electric pen to test whether there is something wrong with the socket panel, and whether there are problems with all switches, sockets and main electric valves in the house. Pull down the socket switch in the main switch box, and the indicator light is off. Frequent tests prove that the switch and wiring are good and the socket is safe

4. Pull the valve to cut off power test: if the electric switch and electric meter are outdoors, check whether they can control the indoor lamps and sockets. The method is whether the indoor power is completely cut off after pulling the switch; If there is an opening indoors, it should also be checked whether each opening fully controls each branch line

5. Check whether the electricity meter is powered on: at present, the installation of electricity meters is mostly 10 (40) a single-phase watt hour meters, and whether the operation is normal. Either fast or slow should be reported for repair. The number of meters used, because in the construction, workers may use your energy, and the money should not be paid by the owner





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