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Breakthrough in capacitance Technology: the world's first glass aluminum sealed terminal greatly improves capacitance performance

the new sealed cover plate technology will open more design possibilities for super capacitors and electric double-layer capacitors to achieve high capacitance and high temperature resistance

with the continuous development of electronic equipment and systems in the world today, aluminum electrolytic capacitors are increasingly favored by the market because of their important electrical storage functions. The requirements for capacitor technology and performance improvement are increasing. Electric vehicles, high-power systems, renewable energy, national defense, aerospace and heavy industry all rely on aluminum capacitors to meet the high power demand

aluminum electrolysis uses a file to properly file a part of the capacitor along the axial direction of the damping pin, which is efficient and reliable, but its performance is often limited by the shell design of the capacitor and the materials used. For example, imperfect packaging terminals are prone to moisture penetration, which leads to electrolyte drying up and performance degradation over time. In order to offset these performance losses, capacitors of 'too large' design are usually used or several capacitors are selected - there are not two in total from the perspective of cost control and space management; 2. It is the most ideal solution to be installed on the swing frame

pioneering development of capacitors

the innovative solutions of the electronic packaging division of Schott AG, an international science and technology group, can prevent the capacitor electrolyte from drying up and achieve long-lasting and reliable high performance. With 75 years of experience in the field of glass to metal sealing (GTMs), Schott is introducing glass to aluminum packaging (GTAs?) Production technology is the first

the capacitor cover plate has the core function of solving the problem of electrolyte leakage. Helmut Hartl, R & D director of Schott Landshut, Germany, gave the following detailed introduction to the advantages of capacitor GTAs Technology: "we use special glass materials to replace polymers or other organic compounds for air tight packaging, and then seal the sealing terminal to the aluminum cover plate. The air tight glass aluminum sealing terminal can protect the capacitor from moisture invasion and eliminate the drying of electrolyte."

gtas technology has unprecedentedly improved the reliability and service life of capacitors, while creating unlimited possibilities for customization. Hermetically sealed glass covers are widely used in radial, axial, snap in, super capacitor and electric double-layer capacitor, etc. And include small or large capacitance design

able to withstand extreme conditions

while meeting industry standards, it can also safely apply glass metal seals for decades in many harsh environments to prevent electrolyte loss of aluminum capacitors. At the same time, it still has many other product advantages. The glass metal seal can withstand the ambient temperature of -40 oc - +150 OC, and even reach a wider temperature range under some conditions. The air tightness of the glass seal makes it possible to develop standard specifications, reduce the volume of the capacitor, increase the capacitance, and extend the standby period and service life of the capacitor

hartl shared his outlook on capacitor GTAs Technology: "this is an exciting period in the whole process of capacitor development. The demand for capacitors for new energy applications such as electric vehicles and renewable energy is growing. GTAs technology is at the right time to provide more reliable and lasting power storage performance and shape our new life in the future."

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