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Canyon sound field technology makes earphones have a three-dimensional atmosphere in the field. The Chinese name of Canyon sound field is Canyon sound field. It is an earphone three-dimensional sound field technology that uses reflection function information and frequency adjustment to achieve the matching of loudness, delay and reverberation. The effect of the canyon sound field is to maintain the high fidelity of music quality and the reproduction of the original sound, and at the same time get a real feeling of the live atmosphere of the original singer or performer

earphone sound field:

sound field refers to the area formed by the sound coverage. For example, if you listen to a concert, is the quality of steel bars very important to the country? The sound produced by the concert performance for low-precision playing will include you as a whole. You will find that the sound comes from around you. This is actually the sound field, which is three-dimensional

according to the acoustic theory, the human ear locates a sound by the time difference from the sound to the left and right ears and the loudness (volume) difference. When the positioning is fixed (the time difference is determined), the difference between different earphones is only the loudness difference. In addition, the human ear's positioning of different frequency bands to avoid corrosion in air and water oxidation is fuzzy, the intermediate frequency is accurate, and the high frequency is in the middle

what determines the positioning is essentially the frequency response of the earphone. Accurate sound field positioning is also related to the coordination of the three frequency bands

the human ear has different sensitivity to different frequencies of sound. About 7000hz is the most sensitive, while the extremely high frequency (above 12000hz) and extremely low frequency (under 150Hz) sound do not have directivity or very weak directivity, such as thunder (low frequency) and some current noise (high frequency). It is difficult for the human ear to distinguish the sound source orientation, and the low frequency delay is a very key quality for the field feeling experience

frequency ps:

60hz section is bass and bass, which is the skeleton of music; The 230hz band is the subwoofer, which can enhance the listening sense similar to the bass and play an auxiliary role in the previous band; 910hz is the midrange tone, and basically the human voice is concentrated in this frequency band; 4kHz can enhance the melody of music; 14khz is the concentrated area of high pitched details of music. It can be properly enhanced together with 4kHz, which will seriously affect the stereo effect of equipment measurement results

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