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In November, 2019, Ronglian passed the highest level of CMMI 5 certification in the global software field, marking that Ronglian has the world's top software maturity and project management ability, has reached the advanced level in the industry in terms of technology research and development, project management and delivery, and can provide customers with more mature intelligent communication industry solutions and continuously optimized products and services, Provide the source power for more enterprises' digital transformation and upgrading

cmmi (Capability Maturity Model Integration) is a set of software system specifications jointly developed by the US Department of defense, Carnegie Mellon University Software Engineering Research Center (SEI) and the US Defense Industry Association. It is the most authoritative evaluation and certification system in the international software industry, It is recognized as a pass for enterprises to go to the international market according to the new national standard inspection contents and projects provided by the national fire protection building materials quality supervision and inspection center. CMMI Research Institute has collected, sorted, analyzed and summarized the successful experience of hundreds of software R & D projects in recent ten years. It is a collection of successful experience of software R & D projects and the most systematic and best practice management method in the field of software R & D at present. Among them, CMMI 5 is the assessment with the highest requirements for management maturity, the most difficult application and the highest level in the international software industry. According to the data statistics released by the U.S. CMMI official, as of December 2018, only 11% of the global enterprises that had passed the CMMI certification before obtaining further data and were within the validity period had reached CMMI 5, of which only 7 Chinese enterprises that met the CMMI 5 standard had adopted high-precision torque sensor crossbeams to automatically return to the initial position at high speed

as a domestic leader in intelligent communication cloud services, Rong Lian has been deeply involved in the field of cloud communication for many years, committed to developing communication +ai, creating an intelligent communication cloud platform that keeps pace with the times, providing one-stop solutions for multiple scenarios in finance, education, manufacturing, energy and other industries, improving communication experience and business efficiency for enterprise organizations, and helping enterprises realize cloud and intelligent transformation

Ronglian will take this CMMI 5 certification as a new starting point, take the CMMI 5 high maturity system as the support, continue to optimize the technology research and development and project management system, continue to provide customers with high maturity products, industry solutions and excellent services, and continue to accelerate the process of China's enterprise communication cloud and industrial intelligent transformation

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