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Cap1400 has passed the reactor safety review, and the six key tests of major special projects have been completed.

at present, cap1400 has successfully passed the general reactor safety review of the International Atomic Energy Organization, the six key tests of major special projects have been completed, the subject acceptance has been orderly promoted, the construction design of the demonstration project has been fully completed, and a series of achievements have been made in the independent design, localized manufacturing and innovation of equipment

since the program R & D was launched in 2007 and the project was formally implemented in 2008, cap1400 has always been the focus of work of the National Nuclear Power Technology Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "national nuclear power") and Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Research and Design Institute (hereinafter referred to as "Shanghai Nuclear Institute"). At present, cap1400 has successfully passed the International Atomic Energy Organization's general reactor safety review, the six key tests of major special projects have been completed, the project acceptance has been carried out in an orderly manner, the construction design of the demonstration project has been fully completed, and a series of achievements have been made in equipment independent design, localized manufacturing and innovation

a few days ago, zhengmingguang, the overall planning and chief designer of the technology progressiveness, safety and economy of cap1400 project, deputy general manager of National Nuclear Power Technology Corporation and President of Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Research and Design Institute, said in an interview with the media that during the nine years of major special projects and the entire development process of cap1400, a complete technical system has been established, solid technical capabilities have been accumulated, and a cap model series has been gradually formed, We have completed the research and development of a complete set of test devices and equipment, developed our own design procedures and verification procedures, and preliminarily established a more complete safety review system

media: how secure is cap1400

zhengzhimingguang: the development of cap1400 is based on AP1000, which has strengthened the safety design capability. Its safety is in the leading position in the world and has reached the highest safety goal at present

when carrying out the top-level scheme design, cap1400 must meet the latest safety regulations and standards in China and the world, meet the most stringent environmental emission requirements, and meet the development requirements of the society and the concerns of the public in the future. Cap1400 can resist the malicious impact of commercial large aircraft, large flood, strong storm and rain, and large earthquake attacks, and comprehensively improve the response capability in case of beyond design basis accidents

in terms of safety design, cap1400 has thoroughly implemented the concept of safety defense in depth. Sufficient safety design margin, highly reliable nuclear power equipment, simplified and human factors engineering compliant system layout can ensure the safety of reactor facilities and radioactive barriers. Cap1400 has carried out sufficient design demonstration and test verification at the same time of design innovation and improvement. The current safety design can ensure that it will not cause unacceptable harm to the environment, society and the public in the event of abnormal events or even serious accidents

media: how economical and competitive is cap1400

zhengmingguang: on the premise of ensuring safety, economy is the most important factor in the construction of nuclear power plants, which is very important for the future promotion of cap1400 in China and "going global". Advanced concept and mature technology; The system equipment is reliable and the layout is simple; Modular construction with short construction period. The construction period of the first batch of units is expected to be 56 months. After the subsequent equipment manufacturing and project management modes are mature, the construction period of batch units can be gradually shortened to 48 months; Simple and flexible operation, few spare parts for safety equipment and short maintenance and inspection time determine that cap1400 has superior economy and competitiveness

the key point is that through the implementation of major special projects, especially the research on common technologies, the implementation of AP1000 technology introduction and support projects, a complete industrial chain of three generations of nuclear power equipment with competitive atmosphere can be effectively constructed, thus comprehensively improving the overall competitiveness of China's nuclear power (601985) equipment manufacturing industry and nuclear power technology. Nuclear power is a national strategic industry, which needs strategic cooperation and long-term strategic partners. National nuclear power has been cultivating three generations of nuclear power strategic alliances. On the one hand, in order to avoid monopoly, it is necessary to establish a number of manufacturing industries and their corresponding equipment manufacturing capabilities; On the other hand, we should try our best to avoid vicious competition in the market and make the competition orderly by sharing profits or profit space. In the process of localization of nuclear power equipment, we always adhere to a principle: we must maintain reasonable market competition

at the same time, in order to ensure the mutual support relationship between design and equipment, during the development of cap1400, the design technology continuously promotes the improvement of the capacity of equipment manufacturers and the development of engineering prototypes, so that the engineering equipment, especially the engineering prototypes, will be basically mature at the same time when the engineering design is completed, so as to ensure the effective implementation of the design and the effective implementation of the project

media: is cap1400 simple and simple

zhengmingguang: in a word: simple but not simple, simple but not simple. The safety system and equipment of cap1400 are simple, simple and reliable. The outstanding features are: small floor area, small plant, less equipment, less welds of main equipment, and less maintenance workload. At the same time, cap1400 is not simple. It follows AP1000 advanced technology and passive advanced safety concept. On the basis of AP1000 technology, cap1400 has further enhanced the nuclear power safety and equipment design margin according to China's own requirements, making its overall technical level, safety level and manufacturing level in the world when there are too many oxide scales

media: what tests has cap1400 technology withstood

zhengmingguang: from the perspective of construction and operation, cap1400 is relatively easy. Cap1400 follows the three generation nuclear power construction concept of standardized design, industrialized prefabrication and modular construction, which is easy to build, install and construct; At the same time, the guarantee of design and manufacturing makes cap1400 have the characteristics of friendly man-machine interface, flexible operation, relatively less in-service inspection, variable load capacity and efficient man-machine interface. The development of the whole cap1400 has withstood the challenges from the perspective of the national industrial system, intellectual property restrictions, design and equipment matching, major technical challenges and safety review

first, the research and development of cap1400 model should be based on the "five foundations", that is, based on China's 60 years of nuclear industry system and R & D and design capability, based on China's equipment manufacturing industry system capability, based on the country's 25 years of nuclear power safety and stable operation experience, and based on the introduction, digestion and absorption of AP1000 advanced technology and passive concept, Based on major projects, many automobile manufacturers across the country will use the achievements of the development and re innovation of LV 124 mechanism. It is not easy for these "five bases" to form a joint force

second, the challenge of intellectual property. To realize full independent intellectual property rights, cap1400 must reach 1350 MW net power, which is the bottom line requirement. In order to realize intellectual property rights and break through relevant restrictions, cap1400 must, on the basis of AP1000, independently and comprehensively carry out model development, technical design, equipment development, test research and safety review at a high level. This is also a comprehensive improvement of national capacity, which is not easy

the third is that compared with the "second generation plus" technology, the materials and equipment of the third generation nuclear power plant have great changes and improvements in the test research and manufacturing difficulty of the high-temperature decarburization characteristics of the spring steel sup6 for coil spring. In recent years, with the joint efforts of relevant nuclear power enterprises, universities, research institutes and equipment manufacturing industry in China, we have successfully completed model test research and built a three generation nuclear power industry chain through major special investment and technology introduction, digestion and absorption

fourth, cap1400 has experienced and passed the largest and deepest safety review in China's history. In addition to PSAR review, it also includes 6 college level reviews, audit calculation, test verification and independent verification. Cap1400 safety review, a nationwide effort, was attended by nearly 200 review technicians. Over 17 months, more than 5000 questions were raised and answered one by one to form solutions. The review requirements have been reflected in the construction design

media: besides cap1400, are there any other new models and products

zhengmingguang: cap1400 is a self-developed model. Based on this platform, Shanghai Institute of nuclear technology has focused on establishing the corresponding technical development system and model development technical capability, which can design and develop caps of various models and power levels. At present, cap1400, cap1000, cap50, cap200 and cap1700 are available for immediate engineering. In the future, cap600 and cap900 can be developed if required by the international market. These are the technical models developed on the platform of cap passive technology, which can meet the needs of different owners and markets at home and abroad. It can be said that the whole cap series can meet the current social needs for the safe and efficient development of nuclear power and multi-level

(original title: zhengmingguang: promoting equipment manufacturing capacity through design) (source of this article: Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Research and Design Institute)

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