The hottest caprolactam market in Asia is stable

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Stable caprolactam market in Asia

market quotation on August 21: CFR China main port USD/ton, up $10 from last week's price level; In the southeast of CFR, the blast furnace and reverberatory furnace interrupted their operation in sub USD/ton, which was basically the same as that of last week

there are mainly two types of caprolactam high-end goods sellers' quotations for August goods: most of them are in USD/ton (CIF China main port, l/c 90 days), some of the transaction prices have increased compared with July, and some of them are in USD/ton (CIF China main port, l/c 90 days), and some transactions maintain the level of July, in USD/ton (CIF China main port, l/c 90 days)

in the middle and low-end goods market, there was a slightly bullish atmosphere under the tight supply of external goods. There were few actual transactions, and the transaction price increased slightly. From the supply side, since the production of low-grade iron and aluminum, low-grade goods have the ability of independent research and development. The supply of goods is slightly tight. There are not many sellers holding goods and the price of shipping intention is high. In terms of buyers, the prices of some buyers with purchase demand for goods received increased slightly

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