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Capacity cooperation opens a new milestone for China and Latin America

if Premier Li Keqiang is mentioned as the hottest word in his trip to the four Latin American countries, "capacity cooperation" is undoubtedly the right one. The launch of a series of capacity cooperation projects, from the launch of the basic feasibility study of the "two ocean Railway", to the clear cooperation with Chile on the "two ocean tunnel" project, to the temperature project when the world's third largest hydropower station reaches a specified deformation value - Brazil meilishan Hydropower Station UHV transmission project, marks that China Latin America cooperation is opening a new milestone in a new mode

China Latin America production capacity cooperation has yielded fruitful results

from May 18 to 25, Li Keqiang visited four Latin American countries and handed over a proud "report card"

in Brazil, Li Keqiang and Brazilian president Rousseff signed 35 specific cooperation agreements, involving bilateral production capacity, infrastructure, finance, aviation, agriculture and other fields, with a total amount of over US $27billion; In Colombia, the leaders of the two countries signed 12 bilateral cooperation agreements in the fields of infrastructure construction, production capacity, assistance, culture and education; In Peru, Li Keqiang announced that China is willing to actively participate in the construction of the "two ocean Railway" and rail transit projects in relevant countries, strengthen technology transfer while carrying out equipment and other cooperation, and help the interconnection of the South American continent; In Chile, the two sides also signed cooperation documents in finance, production capacity, equipment manufacturing and other fields

the fruitful results are not only due to the tens of billions of contracts signed by the prime minister within a week, but also the new model of China Latin America cooperation. What is the new model? The secret lies in the high-frequency words on the prime minister's report card: "capacity cooperation"

on May 19, in his speech at the China Brazil business summit, Li Keqiang first put forward the "3 × 3 "new mode: first, to meet the needs of Latin American countries and jointly build three major channels of logistics, power and information; The second is to follow the law of market economy and implement the cooperation mode of benign interaction among enterprises, society and government; Third, around China Latin America cooperation projects, expand three financing channels: fund, credit and insurance

subsequently, in the talks with the leaders of the four Latin American countries, "capacity cooperation" became the most frequent and popular word

how popular is "capacity cooperation"? Look at President Rousseff of Brazil! When meeting with Premier Li Keqiang, she introduced the specific projects that Brazil will carry out capacity cooperation with China, and accurately listed the names of Chinese companies involved in these projects. "This is a new milestone," she said

Li Keqiang also said, "this is a new path of mutually beneficial and win-win production capacity cooperation". Production capacity cooperation between China and Brazil is conducive to accelerating local infrastructure construction and reducing costs, as well as promoting local employment and achieving mutual benefit and win-win results

last year, Li Keqiang promoted China's high-speed rail in every visit. This year, he is always looking for opportunities for China Latin America capacity cooperation. On the 25th local time, during a meeting with Chilean President Bachelet, Li Keqiang said, "I had a rare time last night. I felt the speed here was very fast in the hotel room. This shows that you have a good information infrastructure, and there will be a lot of room for value-added business development on this basis. However, China has many innovative companies in the field of value-added business. I hope the two sides can strengthen cooperation in this regard."

decrypt "international capacity cooperation"

what is international capacity cooperation? Li Keqiang gave a clear definition in his important speech at the United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean on May 25: international production capacity cooperation or industrial and investment cooperation, that is, a country introduces building materials production lines, advanced technologies and management experience required by other countries' competitive equipment and infrastructure construction according to its needs

to put it simply, we not only want to sell you products, but also build production lines and recruit workers here, which can solve your employment problems and solve your economic growth problems

in fact, as early as the end of last year, Li Keqiang had put forward the concept of "international capacity cooperation". Who would have thought that its original origin was at the breakfast table. On December 14 last year, Li Keqiang visited Kazakhstan. During the talks, Kazakhstan only hoped to export more energy and agricultural products to China. However, after listening to the other party's introduction of its "bright road" plan with infrastructure as the core content, Li Keqiang learned that Kazakhstan does not have a cement plant or flat glass plant, and only one steel plant is small, which simply can not meet the needs of the plan, It was immediately proposed to cooperate in the local construction of production lines. Therefore, at the breakfast table the next day, the two sides preliminarily reached a Sino Kazakhstan production capacity cooperation agreement with a total value of US $18billion. Kazakhstan also named the plan "Lee plan" on the spot

by March 27 this year, the prime ministers of the two countries had witnessed the signing of 33 documents in Beijing to carry out production capacity cooperation in a wide range of fields such as steel, non-ferrous metals, flat glass, oil refining, hydropower and automobiles. The "Li plan" was rapidly promoted with fruitful results

at the same time, the "international capacity cooperation" advocated by Li Keqiang has also been recognized and replicated in more and more countries. In May, when the second largest economy and the seventh largest upstream material economy in the new energy industry chain, cobalt industry, also belong to the new energy industry chain, shook hands on production capacity in the Brazilian plateau, the new international cooperation path of "international production capacity cooperation" began to be widely recognized in the world

it is worth noting that on May 16, two days before the Prime Minister arrived in Latin America, the State Council officially issued the guiding opinions on promoting cooperation in international production capacity and equipment manufacturing so that reports can be printed. The road map for China to carry out international production capacity cooperation has been clear: take the developing countries with high equipment and production capacity fit with China, strong desire for cooperation, good cooperation conditions and foundation as key countries, actively explore the markets of developed countries, and gradually expand from point to area. Steel, nonferrous metals, building materials, railway, electric power, chemical industry, light textile, automobile, communication, engineering machinery, aerospace, shipbuilding and ocean engineering will be classified and implemented in an orderly manner

"in the past, China's economy was mainly the output of products. Now, the production capacity cooperation is the output of industries, the output of capabilities. Instead of simply selling products abroad, the whole industry is exported to different countries. At the same time, it will take several years and manufacturing capacity to help these countries establish a more complete industrial system.". Said lipumin, Secretary General of the national development and Reform Commission

it is the right time to promote capacity cooperation

if the China Kazakhstan capacity cooperation agreement is the "Lee plan", then the "3 × The "3" new model is the private customized version of the "Lee plan"

behind the customization is the increasingly close trade between China and Latin America. From US $12.6 billion in 2000 to US $263.6 billion in 2014, the bilateral trade volume between China and Latin America has increased more than 20 times in more than a decade

"the current China Latin America capacity cooperation is at the right time." Li Keqiang said so

he further explained that China has cost-effective equipment manufacturing capacity and integration technology, and Latin America has the demand for infrastructure expansion and industrial upgrading. The two sides have established platforms such as the international capacity cooperation fund, which can focus their funds on the real economy. The cooperation can also be combined with the advanced technologies of developed countries in the United States and Europe to drive Latin American countries to promote infrastructure construction and industrialization upgrading at a low cost and high starting point, so as to achieve mutual benefit, win-win results and common development

while China's economy has stepped into medium and high-speed growth, the Latin American economy has also experienced a new low in the past decade. Last year, the economic growth in Latin America was less than 2%

Li Keqiang believes that "it is impossible to get rid of the economic downturn by relying only on quantitative easing and false prosperity without the real economy. Promoting industrialization, Reindustrialization and international production capacity cooperation are the general trend of world development."

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