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Recently, near Wangjiachang Town, shacao Road, Yubei District, a driver drove a truck to escape after causing trouble, leaving a mess. In particular, how to ensure the use of the pressure testing machine and its standby effectiveness? Although no casualties were caused, roadside trees, street lamps, power poles and other facilities were damaged, He was left at the scene of the accident. In order to help these public facilities and then check the table or calculate the "master", the police launched a search overnight and took 14 hours to catch Wang, who was hit and run

On the evening of January 2, the bonded port area brigade of the traffic patrol detachment of Yubei District Public Security Branch received the alarm and rushed to the scene for disposal. In Wangjiachang Town, the police found that circles of cables were discarded on the road, a street lamp pole and a street tree fell on the side of the road, and the branches and leaves were broken and scattered on the ground. Not far away, another electric pole was broken and crumbling at the waist; The whole road was blocked and vehicles could not pass

as the perpetrator has escaped, the police carried out on-site command and guidance to eliminate the traffic jam after confirming that there were no casualties; While carrying out follow-up investigation to find the driver who caused the accident

after the police in charge of the investigation learned about the accident truck by asking witnesses, they repeatedly screened and carefully screened more than 10 traffic surveillance cameras along the accident and more than 50 hours of surveillance video data. Through the efforts of the police who stayed awake all night, the vehicle and driver involved in the traffic accident were finally locked. As a new nano material with the thinnest, the strongest strength and the strongest conductivity and heat conductivity, he drove to Wang

therefore, the police quickly contacted Wang, the driver of the car. However, when the police asked the truck driver Wang, Wang claimed that he had not passed here at that time and knew nothing about the traffic accident. In the face of Wang's sophistry, the police immediately explained laws and policies to him, contacted his family to do ideological work, and urged Wang to surrender immediately

according to Wang, he drove a heavy truck from shacao road to Wang's house after unloading the goods that day. When he drove to Wang's toll station, the car body was too high, which involved a cable in the middle of the road. The cable led to the street lamp, telegraph pole and street tree falling to the ground and damaged. Wang was immediately stunned. He was afraid that he could not afford to pay for the loss if possible. Seeing that there were no other vehicles and pedestrians on the scene and no cameras were found at the accident site, he immediately drove away from the scene with a fluke

due to the traffic accident caused by Mr. Wang, it is necessary to bear all the losses caused by the accident, such as street lamps, electric poles, street trees, cables, etc., totaling more than 90000 yuan, all of which shall be borne by Mr. Wang alone. According to the relevant provisions of the road traffic safety law, Wang was suspected of causing a traffic accident and escaping. The police charged him 12 points, fined him 2000 yuan and imposed a penalty of 15 days' administrative detention

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