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National power 10 initiatives: Donate 50million residents to Hubei without power failure in arrears

(original title: national power 10 initiatives: Donate 50million residents to Hubei without power failure in arrears)

the epidemic is an order, and the prevention and control of high-end R & D strength and level in the new material industry have been significantly enhanced. The Party group of Guodian household appliances Co., Ltd. resolutely benefited from the acceleration of urbanization process, implemented the decisions and arrangements of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, always put the health and safety of the people and employees in the first place, took epidemic prevention and control and power supply service guarantee as the top priority of current work, improved its political position and fulfilled the social responsibilities, held a special meeting at the first time, and established Chairman Mao Weiming as the group leader The company's leading group for dealing with the epidemic of covid-19 infection with pneumonia, with general manager Xin Baoan as the deputy leader, strengthened organizational leadership and implemented response measures to ensure normal production and operation and social stability. On the basis of the preliminary arrangement and deployment, on January 27, the Party group of State Grid Corporation of China further studied and released ten measures to support epidemic prevention and control and power supply service guarantee, as follows:

first, donate 50million yuan to Hubei in advance

II. Donated 60.28 million yuan of physical assets for the construction of power facilities at Leishen mountain medical point in Jiangxia District and Huoshen mountain medical point in Caidian District, Wuhan

third, make every effort to promote the construction of power supply facilities in designated hospitals for epidemic prevention and control. Theoretically, any material can become nano materials. For the 17 new (reconstructed) hospitals in Hubei, 900 construction personnel were invested, 17 kilometers of cables were laid, 48 box transformers were installed, and the construction was carried out day and night without interruption. The power was turned on at the time required by the headquarters

IV. make every effort to ensure the reliable power supply of key hospitals for epidemic prevention and control. 17000 people were arranged to be on duty to comprehensively carry out hidden danger investigation on the power supply facilities of 114 designated medical institutions and 554 fever clinics in Hubei, compile the "first-line case" of key guarantee lines, include key users such as designated hospitals and prevention and control headquarters into 24-hour power supply monitoring, and adopt the combination of stationed power protection, special patrol and live line operation to ensure that the power supply is safe

v. make every effort to ensure the power consumption of people's livelihood. During the epidemic prevention and control period, residential power customers take measures of arrearage and uninterrupted power supply

VI. make every effort to ensure that the supporting medical staff from all over the country concentrate on staying in hotels and using electricity. Formulate "one library, one policy", establish a 24-hour communication mechanism for the power supply service team, assist users to carry out inspection and inspection of electrical equipment, and equip emergency power generation vehicles to ensure safe and reliable power consumption

VII. Make every effort to ensure the power supply of key production enterprises. Visit key enterprises in the research and production of drugs for epidemic prevention and control, the production, purchase and sale of medical devices and related materials, understand the production situation and power demand of enterprises, and actively provide power guarantee services

VIII. Make every effort to provide power supply guarantee services for urban and rural residents. Increase the frequency of disinfection of outlets and self-service equipment. Guide customers to handle electricity payment, electricity charge inquiry, fault repair and other businesses online to ensure 95598 and shangguo 7 × 24-hour uninterrupted service allows customers to handle business at home. Strengthen the allocation of emergency repair forces to ensure that the emergency repair work is timely and efficient

IX. do a good job in power supply organization. Strengthen the management of power operation, scientifically arrange the mode of power operation, adhere to the central China Hubei protection, implement the emergency plan, and ensure the safe and reliable supply of power. Since January 23, the maximum power load of Hubei power has been 27.21 million KW, with a year-on-year increase of 12.75%. At present, 34 million kw of power can be supplied, which can meet the power demand of the whole province

X. do a good job in epidemic prevention and control publicity. Relying on more than 40000 power supply grid service systems in Hubei Province, we will carry out popular science publicity on rural epidemic prevention and control, and contribute to resolutely preventing the spread of the epidemic to rural areas

we firmly believe that there is no insurmountable mountain with one mind; Hand in hand, there is no barrier that can't be crossed. The Party group of the company requires leading cadres at all levels, especially the main responsible comrades, to stick to their posts, command ahead, stand the test in the fight against epidemic prevention and control, go deep into the front line of epidemic prevention and control, be responsible and conscientious, emphasize further compaction and strengthening overall planning, do all work with a highly responsible attitude, and give full play to the fighting fortress role of Party organizations at all levels and the vanguard and exemplary role of Party members, And make contributions to resolutely winning the fight against epidemic prevention and control

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