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Guodian: determined to quit the real estate field! Focus on the main business

national power: make up your mind to quit the real estate field! Focus on the main business

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original title: Guodian: determined to quit the real estate field! Focus on the main business

data show that nearly 400000 enterprises have withdrawn from the real estate industry in the past decade. Now, there is a "Big Mac" real estate enterprise to bid farewell to this industry

on March 22, the national supervision commission station of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection announced the progress of the third round of inspection and rectification of State Grid. Among them, the state power has decided to withdraw from the traditional manufacturing and real estate fields because it wants to focus on its main business. This means that its "Luneng" group may want to remove the "real estate" sector from its business map

tianyancha data shows that Guodian Appliance Co., Ltd. was established in May 2003 with a registered capital of 829.5 billion yuan. Its business scope includes transmission, power supply, scientific research related to power supply, technology development, power production and dispatching information and communication, consulting services, etc., which is wholly owned by the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council

the company operates according to the group company model, and has a number of foreign-invested enterprises that design for the requirements of hard polymers. Luneng Group Co., Ltd. is one of them, and Guodian holds 100% of its shares

tianyancha data shows that the business scope of Luneng group includes investment in accelerating the improvement of the innovation system, and investment in real estate, clean energy, manufacturing, mining, accommodation and catering, comprehensive technical services, scenic spot management, power production, construction, etc

therefore, it can be seen that the real estate business of Guodian is specifically operated by Luneng group. According to its official profile, "Luneng has 29 years of experience in urban development, with a layout in 23 provinces across the country. A company has launched a gem layer urban area with extruded porous PVC corner lines, with a total developed construction area of 13million square meters, providing services to 300000 noble owners."

in terms of time, Luneng has been engaged in real estate development since the 1990s, and is one of the earliest enterprises engaged in real estate development in China. It is also one of the 21 central enterprises holding real estate "licenses" directly under the SASAC

now, Guodian has announced its withdrawal from the real estate industry. The future of Luneng's real estate business will become the focus of the industry

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