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National power assisted enterprises to resume work press the fast forward key

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super factory, everything is in order. If the workers are not wearing masks, temperature measurement points are also set at all entrances and exits. It is hard to imagine that the world outside the workshop is undergoing an epidemic examination

promote the resumption of production and work of enterprises. As a national team related to the national economy and the people's livelihood, Guodian is doing its work in the front -

on January 27, the state released ten measures to support epidemic prevention and control and power supply service guarantee, which mentioned that we should do our best to ensure the power supply of key production enterprises. This point was emphasized again at the emergency videoconference held in China on January 29

Three days before the resumption of work, on February 7, China released 12 measures to deal with the impact of the epidemic and spare no efforts to resume construction to boost the resumption of work and production of enterprises

the chariots and horses have not moved, and the food and grass are first. To do something for the resumption of work, the country considers more

to the point is the "key"

under the epidemic, many people cry for "my city is sick"

for many business owners, it is not only a matter of illness, but also a matter of life and death

boss Xibei cried that the epidemic had caused 20000 employees to be unemployed, and the chairman of laoxiangji said frankly that he had lost 500 million. In addition to the catering industry, tourism, hotel industry, logistics transportation, entertainment, cultural innovation and other service industries have also been hit. Not only has the "Spring Festival economy" been frustrated and cold, and the operating income has declined rapidly, but also the cost is rigid, but the expenditure cannot be less, which is under great pressure

the resumption of work has been postponed repeatedly, and manufacturing enterprises are also facing a large number of order cancellation and default risks. Some business owners said that even if they resume work, the production capacity will remain low due to the resumption progress of other enterprises in the supply chain and the reduction of logistics and transportation efficiency

not long ago, a questionnaire survey of 995 small and medium-sized enterprises conducted by Tsinghua University and Peking University showed that 34% of enterprises' cash balances on their accounts could only survive for one month, and 85.01% of enterprises could survive for up to three months

"money" is the "core anxiety" of all enterprises, especially small, medium and micro enterprises

the central and local governments have launched corresponding countermeasures to help enterprises tide over difficulties, such as reducing taxes and fees, reducing rents, etc

judging from the "12 measures" of China to promote the resumption of work and production of enterprises, China is trying its best to get to the point and help solve problems

first, pay special attention to small, medium-sized and micro enterprises

in terms of specific measures, China specifically mentioned that for projects related to epidemic prevention and control, priority should be given to reputable small, medium-sized and micro enterprises when bidding; In addition, we will spare no effort to provide power guarantee for the resumption of work and production of small, medium-sized and micro enterprises

these have been implemented in real terms - in Hangzhou, power supply companies use the R & D "enterprise power resumption index" and the government's centralized enterprise resumption special class data to identify needs and contact various enterprises, including small, medium-sized and micro enterprises, in advance. In Hongmei street, Xuhui District, Shanghai, the power supply company also communicated with the street office in advance about the resumption of power supply for more than 4000 small, medium and micro enterprises in more than 20 parks, online scheduling, door-to-door inspection...

the second is to consider money for enterprises

one is to reduce the burden of power consumption of enterprises. For enterprises that cannot resume work temporarily, the application for capacity reduction, suspension and resumption are not subject to the previous conditions such as "the basic electricity charge calculation method remains unchanged within 3 months after it is selected" and "the suspension of electricity consumption shall not be less than 15 days". In Fujian, this alone can save 6.4 million yuan of electricity per day for shutdown enterprise customers

the other is to provide liquidity support. Giving full play to the financial advantages of the industrial chain, China's subordinate financial enterprises provide customers with low-cost financial services to alleviate the "financing difficulties" and the "cash flow" pressure. It is understood that up to now, the national e-commerce company has accumulated financing loans of 15.1 billion yuan, including nearly 1billion yuan for small, medium-sized and micro enterprises operating in the epidemic area

of course, supporting the production enterprises of epidemic prevention and control materials to speed up production and provide the necessary anti epidemic materials for the society is to support the enterprises in all regions to return to work in an orderly manner

previously, China has fully supported relevant enterprises in terms of power supply reliability, services, costs and other aspects, including "Three Zero services", "no power outage in arrears" and other measures

pay more attention to "rhythm"

on February 7, on the same day that the 12 measures were released, Guodian issued 23 bidding and procurement announcements on its public bidding station, including the first bidding and procurement announcement of substation equipment in 2020

compared with the press of the "play button" described by many media, the 12 measures of state power to help resume production this time are more like pressing the "fast forward button"

fast forward key 1: start as soon as possible if you can start

whether it is a key power project under construction or a newly invested power project, the state should speed up the resumption of work. Specifically, it includes the full resumption of construction of a number of major projects, such as Qinghai Henan, Yazhong Jiangxi ± 800 kV high-voltage DC, Zhangbei flexible DC, Mengxi Jinzhong, Zhangbei xiong'an 1000 kV high-voltage AC; The newly started Shaanxi Wuhan ± 800 kV HVDC project, Shanxi Yuanqu pumped storage power station and other projects serve the upgrading of enterprise products

the investment scale involved in this area reached 97.8 billion yuan

fast forward key 2: prepare in advance if you can prepare in advance

some projects have not been approved for commencement, and some projects are still in the early planning stage. In this category, the state should prepare in advance. Those that can be approved and started as soon as possible, promoted as soon as possible, and completed online and remotely, will be completed as soon as possible. Including the approval and commencement of key projects such as Nanyang Jingmen Changsha UHV AC and Baihetan Jiangsu UHV DC as soon as possible; Accelerate the preliminary work of important power projects such as Fujian Guangdong joint venture; Formulate the project construction plan in advance, speed up the bidding, review and approval, etc

it is estimated that in February, China will complete 28 bid opening and evaluation projects, with a procurement scale of about 19.642 billion yuan. The 23 newly released bidding projects are expected to complete the relevant bidding and procurement work in March

one is "speed up the whip", the other is "prepare for the horse". China pays more attention to "rhythm" in this measure

What is the significance of

in the short term, it can stabilize the economy, stabilize employment and boost confidence

on the one hand, nearly 100 billion investment has entered the market, especially the construction of electrical engineering as infrastructure, which involves a lot of upstream and downstream industrial chains and can absorb a lot of jobs. McKinsey & company has made an estimate on the multiplier effect of 3. If the local conditions permit, it is strongly recommended to add regulated power infrastructure, which truly solves the long-standing problems of 3D printing customers. It is estimated that every $1billion investment in infrastructure construction can create 30000-80000 jobs and increase GDP by $2.5 billion. As for power projects, a Qinghai Henan UHV project can add more than 7000 jobs

on the other hand, from disorder to order, the resumption of power investment and construction will bring the related industries into the normal track synchronously. In the process of accelerating public bidding in China, the "winning" enterprises will have practical financial benefits in terms of share price, financing and loans, which is reassuring for enterprises and individuals

in the long run, it is for the future

waiting does not mean stopping, and the "gap period" should not be wasted. China is accelerating a series of processes before construction: formulating construction plans in advance - online bidding - Evaluation in different places - green channel for material supply (priority agreement inventory mode, compression of procurement process, emergency demand "on arrival and on call") - doing a good job in funds, teams, materials, medical treatment, transportation and other resources, although suppliers are eager to raise resources and prepare construction personnel

the benefits are also obvious. Everything is ready, just wait for the "spring breeze" to prepare for the sprint of economic development. Once the whole society returns to work in an all-round way, it can immediately start production at full capacity

of course, this wave of operation is based on the system and process accumulated in China's long-term information construction, and depends on the country's consistent efficient and rigorous management system, behind which is the modern governance ability

moreover, the organization of work under this epidemic is also a further promotion of the digitalization of the whole electric chain, which makes us have new expectations for the future cooperation mode between electric power and other industries

the epidemic is still waiting for the "inflection point", and the curtain of resumption of work across the country has further opened

it is a difficult problem for governments and enterprises to coordinate the relationship between epidemic prevention and control and economic development

both hands should be grasped, and both hands should be hard. Guodian is pressing the acceleration key to help enterprises resume work

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