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Guodian held a summary and commendation meeting for disaster relief, recovery and reconstruction

on the 23rd, Guodian held a commendation meeting to commend the advanced collectives and individuals emerging from the disaster relief and recovery and reconstruction work

a total of 28 advanced units in disaster relief and recovery and reconstruction, 150 meritorious collectives, 200 meritorious heroes in disaster relief and recovery and reconstruction and 1000 advanced individuals were awarded in addition to the pulling machine. Ten national electric workers who died in the disaster relief were awarded the title of "special model worker" by the company

statistics show that in the rare rain, snow and freezing disaster from mid January to early February, the power facilities in the national power operation area suffered a "heavy hit", and a large area of tower collapse and disconnection occurred: jointly promote the Asia Europe cross-border railway has become the "advertising" road transportation of steel structures. A total of 15300 transmission lines of 10kV and above have been shut down, 184000 high-voltage towers have been damaged, and 519000 low-voltage poles have been broken. A total of 545 counties (districts) and 27.06 million users were affected, of which 80 counties (districts) were almost completely interrupted. The power supply of 15 traction stations of Beijing Guangzhou, Beijing Kowloon, Shanghai Kunming and Yingxia electrified railways has also been affected

in order to combat the ice and snow disaster and restore the normal operation of the economy and society, the State Grid Corporation of China has invested 266000 people to carry out emergency repair and restoration and reconstruction. By March 8, the restoration and reconstruction of electricity in the region will be fully completed

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