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Guodian announced to enter the "three convergence" liuzhenya, general manager of Guodian Corporation, said at the "smart electricity International Forum" held at the Shanghai International Conference Center on the afternoon of July 26 that the implementation of smart electricity projects such as power optical fiber will enable the organic integration of electricity, telecommunications, radio and television every year, dynamic announcement, interconnection and so on, and rely on rich network resources to build an open public network service platform

according to the interview of the daily economy, the "three integration" plan of the State Grid Corporation of China has actually been included in the smart electricity pilot project

Wu Guihui, chief engineer of the national energy administration, said that the first batch of pilot projects of power optical fiber to home intelligent residential quarters have been completed in Beijing and Shanghai

according to Liu Jianming of guoxintong company, 133 residential buildings in Ziyuan community in the eastern suburbs of Shanghai have begun to carry out pilot projects of IPTV, Internet, etc. as a family central control unit, it can complete the interaction between electricity and power users, and can access security, water and gas meter reading, access control, visual intercom and other functions; It adopts power line or wireless communication to communicate with the outside world, which can transmit power consumption information such as voltage, current, frequency and power factor, and can carry out remote control on-off control and adjustment of working mode. So as to achieve the effect of power fiber to the home and support three fusion

Liu Zhenya said that generally, the elongation at break of PE is 90% - 950% (among which the elongation of linear low-density polyethylene LLDPE is higher), and the household intelligent power consumption system can transmit the power consumption information and control information of intelligent household appliances such as air conditioners, water heaters, electric cookers, etc., accounting for 20.24% and 18.14% respectively, for real-time control and remote control; It can also provide access services for telecommunications, Internet, radio and television media, expand Internet access, dial digital, watch high-definition TV and other businesses; It can also realize automatic meter reading and automatic transfer and payment through intelligence

July 26 is also the national electricity Museum Day. On this morning, the daily economy saw in the national electricity Museum of the Expo park that through the intelligent control platform, users can easily master the intelligent information of household appliances, and can fully control household appliances such as air conditioners, refrigerators and electric cookers

Liu Zhenya also said that the rapid development of smart appliances, smart homes, smart buildings, smart communities, smart transportation, electric vehicles and other development can not be separated from the basic support of smart electricity

in the standard system planning of strong smart electricity of State Grid Corporation of China, not only the links of "power generation", "transmission", "transformation", "distribution" and "power consumption" are planned, but also the links of "communication and information"

according to Luan Jun, deputy general manager of State Power Corporation, there are six technical fields in "communication and information", involving 16 standard series. The development of railway equipment processing projects in Long'an District, such as the standard series of technical specifications for power side communication - technical specifications for optical fiber composite low voltage cables, technical guidelines for PLC construction and other standards, will be completed in 2010. He said that according to the plan of the State Power Corporation, strong smart power will be basically completed by 2020. Daily economy

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