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China has invested more than 100 billion yuan in electricity, and the demand for equipment in the upstream of the industrial chain has increased greatly.

power shortage drives the development of the transmission equipment market.

in 2011, power shortage is probably the most concerned word in the power industry. This early and long-lasting power shortage has brought more than panic and pressure to the power industry. While actively taking various measures to deal with the power shortage, people also began to reflect on the power transmission lines with limited transmission scale and far behind the progress of power production in China. The conclusions of these reflections and the relevant measures formulated will not only solve the transportation problems that have plagued China for a long time between the north and the south, but also bring new development prospects for the equipment market related to the construction of transmission lines

the market prospect of transmission line equipment is good.

recently, it was learned from the statistical data of China electricity union that in the first half of this year, China's State Grid Corporation has newly built 21917 kilometers of 110 (66) kV and above AC lines, with a transformation capacity of 95.71 million KVA, and completed a power investment of 107.1 billion yuan. It can be seen that the future UHV transmission line construction project will bring huge development space for the transmission network raw materials and equipment market. In China's 12th Five Year Plan, it is specifically pointed out that four regional power stations will be built nationwide, namely, three China (North China Central China East), Northeast China, Northwest China and South China; UHV DC transmission lines will be built between the four regional power stations, and UHV AC frames with three vertical and three horizontal lines will be built inside the Sanhua regional power station. The investment scale is expected to exceed 500 trillion yuan

it is learned that organosilicon material is the main raw material of transmission line insulation facilities, accounting for about 50% in high-voltage and ultra-high voltage transmission insulators and up to 70% in UHV lines. It is one of the indispensable raw materials in transmission line construction. Yang Xiaoyong, Secretary General of the silicone special committee of China fluorosilicone organic materials industry association, just said recently that due to the continued strong demand for silicone materials from power construction, the consumption of silicone materials is expected to reach about 50000 tons during the 12th Five Year Plan period

in addition, relevant market analysts pointed out that in the construction of UHV DC project, UHV converter station will occupy the main proportion of the investment share, among which the core equipment are converter transformer, converter valve and DC protection and control system, accounting for about 65% of the main equipment investment. These three types of equipment will obtain large-scale market investment with the progress of high-voltage construction, and are expected to reach a market scale of about 48.33 billion and 5.2 billion. In addition, according to the prediction, the transformer and reactor market will also have a lot of room for development, which is expected to reach an investment scale of 8.92 billion yuan and 8.759 billion yuan respectively

power shortage has become an important force to drive the construction of transmission channels

the reason why the construction of East-West transmission lines has attracted much attention in the 12th Five Year Plan and has been able to drive relevant markets is precisely driven by the power shortage that has lasted for nearly half a year this year. Many analyses have clearly pointed out that power shortage is not the consequence of energy shortage. The real reasons for power shortage include the surge in power demand caused by the rapid growth of high energy consuming industries and the aging experiment; There is also the inversion of coal and electricity prices caused by the difference in the market price system of power coal, and the output of units is limited; In addition, the lag of power construction and the lack of transmission channels have led to the reasonable transmission and distribution of power in the eastern and western regions being restricted by K. machine size: about 720 × five hundred × The most commonly used force measuring sensor is the strain gauge sensor 1900mm (long × wide × High) obstruction. The superposition of various adverse factors eventually led to the power shortage in some areas

on the whole, the current shortage of power supply in China can be seen as the uneven supply balance in the region. According to the statistical data of China Electricity Council, from the perspective of regional distribution, the power consumption in the eastern region of China accounts for more than half of the total power consumption in the country, while the production volume accounts for only 45% of the total output. About 1/6 of the power needs to be transferred from outside the region, while the power supply in the central and western regions exceeds the local power demand at the operating distance of @c

take Inner Mongolia, which is rich in electricity, as an example, the current situation of Mengxi power is that the power supply is far greater than the local demand, the installed capacity of thermal power is surplus, and the wind power is blocked. According to the data of previous years, among the eight league cities in Mengxi power supply business district alone, the installed power generation capacity idle during the peak period of heating power consumption in winter is close to 15million kW. According to the local retail electricity price, the economic losses caused by idle generator sets and idle wind turbines are at least more than 10billion every year. For Mengxi power, which covers eight Central and Western League cities such as Hohhot and Baotou, the current transmission channel is extremely insufficient, and the construction of power transmission channel lags behind the construction of power generation base. There are only two transmission channels to North China, Fengquan Wanquan and Hanhai Guyuan Ping'an City, with a total of four 500 kV lines, which are far from giving play to the power supply capacity of Inner Mongolia

looking at such data and recalling all the hard work that various power plants in the eastern region have paid to overcome the power shortage in order to meet the peak summer in the past six months, we can't help but feel deeply that the construction of additional power transmission lines has become urgent. At present, high energy consuming industries are closely related to economic development, and the contradiction between coal and electricity prices has a long history, which is difficult to solve quickly. Accelerating the construction of power transportation channels and changing the state of regional power imbalance as soon as possible will undoubtedly be the fastest and direct solution to the problem of power shortage in the short and long term. The construction of transmission lines directly drives the demand for transmission equipment

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