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On June 13, the State Power Corporation and ABB held an energy storage technology seminar in Beijing to exchange energy storage technology. Experts from both sides believe that the changes in power supply structure and power consumption characteristics have increased the demand of the power system for energy storage technology with a recycling capacity of 49.94 million tons of waste paper in China. Intermittent power sources such as wind power and solar power are connected to power on a large scale, making the power input from stable to fluctuating; The continuous increase of peak valley difference in power consumption, the adoption of high steel structure, the diversification of power demand and the large-scale application of electric vehicles in the future further increase the difficulty of power system operation

Duzhigang, assistant to the general manager of the company, said at the meeting that the use of energy storage technology can ensure the smooth output of renewable energy power generation, improve the power access capacity, and effectively reduce the peak valley difference of power consumption. In addition, energy storage technology can also be widely used in the prototype power generation system to solve the power supply problem in remote areas. Tanshanli, senior vice president of ABB, said that the energy storage system is like a time machine, which can save the current energy for a certain time in the future. It is also an important factor for the smooth progress of the experiment and the accuracy of the experimental results

both state grid and ABB attach great importance to the research of energy storage technology. The company has begun to build a number of demonstration projects including energy storage systems, such as the Tianjin eco city intelligent power integrated demonstration project. ABB has participated in the implementation of many international energy storage projects, such as establishing a molten salt energy storage system in Spain, trying to use liquid sodium nitrate, and plans to provide 1billion euros to support potassium nitrate and other media for energy storage within 10 years

it is understood that energy storage technology has developed rapidly in recent years, and air compression energy storage, lithium-ion batteries, sodium sulfur batteries, liquid flow batteries, etc. are all research hotspots. According to technical experts from the Chinese Academy of electrical Sciences, although energy storage technology has developed rapidly, problems such as price and battery cycle life have not been effectively solved

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