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In order to fully implement the deployment of the central government to comprehensively promote epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development, and actively respond to the current severe and complex business situation, Guodian appliances Co., Ltd. decided to carry out the 2020 special action to improve quality and efficiency through the "eight efforts" to promote quality, achieve the stable development of the "eight efficiency", play a "combined fist" of increasing revenue and expenditure, improving quality and efficiency, and seek impetus from reform We need vitality from innovation and potential from management to promote the quality and efficiency of the development of the company and electricity

according to the work plan of the special action, the company will adhere to the general tone of seeking progress in stability, firmly establish the idea of "living a tight life", closely focus on the balance between reducing the cost of social energy consumption and realizing the sustainable development of electricity, improving efficiency and preventing risks, focus on the business sectors of coke power, industry, finance, international and all business links of investment, construction, production and operation, and seek benefits from reform and innovation and resource management, Benefit from lean management, fully digest the impact of the epidemic, and strive to hedge policy profit reduction factors

the company requires that we must deeply understand the significance of carrying out the special action of improving quality and efficiency, improve our position, strengthen our responsibility, look inward and dig into Pregis, launch the potential efficiency of new high-pressure protective packaging film, put the thought of thrift, innovative development and lean management throughout the whole process of operation, accelerate the transformation of development mode from scale expansion to steady operation through the reasonable growth of volume and the steady improvement of quality, Take positive and effective measures to ensure steady operation and promote the high-quality development of the company and electricity

the special action is carried out around eight key tasks:

fully promote the resumption of work and production, increase supply and expand sales, and achieve market efficiency. We will comprehensively promote epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development, and speed up engineering construction, maintenance and operation, bidding and procurement. It is used to adjust the level and shock absorption, continuously optimize the power business environment, accelerate the speed of power supply, installation and connection, actively implement power substitution, and vigorously consolidate the stock market and expand the incremental market. Strengthen the development of industrial and financial market-oriented businesses, and improve customer satisfaction and profit contribution

make every effort to control the line loss of electricity charge recovery and realize the potential and efficiency. Strengthen the management of electricity charge recovery, ensure that the electricity charge in that year is fully recovered, and the overdue electricity charge is reduced as planned, except in Hubei and other key areas of the epidemic. Strengthen the inspection of volume, price, fee and loss, vigorously promote the reduction of loss through technology and management, and ensure a 50% reduction in the number of high loss lines and stations. In combination with the construction of the spot power market, we will steadily promote the management of the same period of purchase and sale to ensure that the overall line loss is stable

make every effort to strengthen the lean management of asset life cycle and realize cost reduction and efficiency increase. Deepen the closed-loop management of the whole process of cost, focus on the nine key nodes of investment plan, material procurement, engineering construction, production and maintenance, power purchase, marketing services, operation management, cost budget, financing payment, strengthen precise investment and lean management, strictly control cost, vigorously reduce non productive expenditure, and constantly improve input-output efficiency

fully promote the reform in key areas to achieve reform efficiency. Focus on marketization, transparency and efficiency, accelerate the construction of a unified national power market, cooperate with the completion of the second regulatory cycle, and strictly implement the national phased price reduction policy. We will actively implement the reform of mixed ownership, increase the opening of capital, and enlarge the function of state-owned capital. We will deepen the reform of "deregulation and service", change the group's management and control mode, improve the market-oriented operation mechanism, and fully mobilize the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of units at all levels

fully promote technological upgrading and business transformation to achieve innovation and efficiency. Carry out research and development of core technologies, increase 5. Large R & D investment in electro-hydraulic servo universal material testing machine, and promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. Build a national cloud and data center, and give full play to the value of power big data. We will deepen the "de innovation" of industries, actively expand emerging businesses, and speed up the cultivation of new growth points. Build an online industrial chain financial platform, vigorously promote the substitution of insurance for bid security, and innovate pilot insurance to replace performance security to support the development of the real economy. Deepen the reform of multidimensional lean management, apply the "national business travel cloud" and further improve efficiency and benefits

make every effort to revitalize the stock and activate the increment to achieve synergy. Timely carry out the internal assistance of electric power, and slow down the 394billion yuan of foreign investment transactions, which have been announced but have not been completed to solve the imbalance of development. Strengthen the territorial coordination of emerging industries, deepen the industrial and financial coordination and financial coordination, and fully realize the complementary advantages. Further improve the utilization efficiency of UHV channels, revitalize the stock resources such as idle real estate, land, patents, copyrights and material storage, make good use of resources such as substations, towers and communication optical fibers, turn resource advantages into competitive advantages, and turn resource stocks into cash flows

fully serve the construction of the "the Belt and Road" and achieve joint "going out" efficiency. Consolidate the "two ends abroad" investment and financing mode, steadily carry out equity investment, accelerate the construction of key projects, and safely and steadily operate overseas assets. Strengthen the coordination and resource sharing of overseas investment, project contracting, equipment manufacturing and other businesses, and realize the integration of investment, construction, operation and technology, standards and equipment. Strictly implement the investment decision-making procedures, strengthen the management of interest rates and exchange rates, and effectively prevent overseas business risks

strive for the support of all parties to create a good environment and achieve policy efficiency. Make full use of the national tax reduction and fee reduction policies, actively strive for the government to give support to the company's key construction projects, the implementation of phased price reduction and revenue reduction, the prevention and control of epidemic, the new investment cost of ensuring power supply, etc., and the state-owned capital budget, financial fund subsidies, tax relief, business performance assessment, etc. Strengthen legal compliance operation and comprehensive risk management, strictly abide by the bottom line of no systematic risk, and lay a solid foundation for the company to improve quality, efficiency and high-quality development

source: National telegraph officer, headline client

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